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XTypo is a plugin that able to produce an extra nice css styling to your joomla content. With this plugin, you don't need to put any hard coded css anymore into your template css just to get an extra css styling for your content. Just install and publish it and get your extra css easily with adding xtypo tags between your text

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Reviews: 2
Thansk for this plugin very useful to give more style.

but there is a problem it's doesn't work well with SEF enable in joomla 1.5.6 :

the pathway to the image seems to be false.
Reviews: 2
I don't know of a better solution for page styling.

This mambot does for free what others try to achieve through longwinded, clumsy, expensive, restrictive components.

It looks like the developer might keep adding more styles. What more could you want?
Reviews: 1
Good work! it will be perfect if the plugin will work also in module contents and other component contents (editable by wysywig editor). But right now it is also great work!
Reviews: 41
It really is great for someone such as myself with limited CSS knowledge - if you're happy enough to configure it's features then it'll do a great job for you!

Two points: there are differences between IE7 and FF2, but that's life! Also, I would like to be able to configure the text size for the xtypo_quotes, is that possible and if not, is there any reason why this cannot be implemented?
Reviews: 1
This plugin is great, Very nice effects, especially the quote one.

But unfortunately it has a small bug: PDF prints of pages using xtypo syntax will show code {xtypo_quote} in the pdf as text.
Reviews: 9
I've installed this on two sites, and can't say enough about it. Extremely simple to use out of the box with the default parameters, but broad configuration options let you completely customize the appearance of the styled type if you're after a particular look and willing to take some time to play with it. I'm especially a fan of xtypo_quote insert, which is a great graphic tool for breaking up type-heavy pages or emphasizing specific take-away points from a long piece.
Reviews: 3
Looks amazing in Firefox but really doesn't like internet explorer 6 or 7. Seems that no one is willing to fix it either. I would recommend this for anyone who does not care about their internet explorer members.
Reviews: 1
Usefull for Jommla 1.5.
The Configuration Panel is complete and have several variations for the plugin.

Reviews: 15
This mambot installed easily. It was quite surprising the difference it creates to the overall look and feel of your site! I have no hesitation in recomending this. A must for Joomla developers.
Reviews: 1
This is awesome.

I tested this on my site, on one page, with photos being used in the rounded1 style, as well as the dropcap and the quote.

No, to answer some folks who could not get this to work on some piece of text, it won't work everywhere. But that is sometimes the price you pay for free GNU stuff. However, as I see for most people, this is working.

It certainly worked for me, and is allowing me to create a more stylized site without having to noodle with lots of CSS -- and I'm a web front end coder myself. For my own site, I prefer NOT to noodle with code. I just want to be able to create content, and make it look good, and that's why i use Joomla!

And this extension ROCKS.
Reviews: 2
This has to be far and away one the better yet hidden gems on the extensions here. This handy bot allows you to insert the typography with ease (with just some easy to use tags). The documentation is great ... and actually is in the bot itself so it is always there (I actually printed the instructions after installing the bot but this was unnecessary as it was all there included in this most recent version). Best of all, it formats well without a whole lot of tweaking, but you are free to tweak if you so choose.

A+++ here. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I installed this Mambot (aka Plugin) with a quick upload and then added some xtypo code to my articles. Boom - Instant professional look.

Here are all the options available:

I really like the quotes, dropcap, and rounded boxes !

They also have great templates like that golf one :)
Reviews: 8
This is one of the coolest eye-candy mambots for Joomla! Easy to use, and install and coupled with the JCE HTML editor plugin, it adds an incredible amount of polish & professionalism to your site!

Thanks to the developers for this mambot/plugin!

Reviews: 1
The author is to be commended for thoughtfully putting this extension together in a complete and usable form. Everyone wants more and more options but I think the nice thing about this arrangement is you can restrict yourself to using the same elements of style as defined in the back-end.

This extension does NOT work on all content. For instance, the text entered for category descriptions is ignored. It would be useful if this extension also operated on this kind of textual element since it is content as well. I actually downloaded this extension for that purpose so it doesn't do for me what I need.
Reviews: 7
i've been looking so long for a plugin like this but i can't get it to work properly on my web site.. and i can't understand why! i insert more than two rows of content in code {xtypo_whatever}my content{/xtypo_whatever} and it shows me a completely blank page... :(
Reviews: 4
i really like this plug in. it is run smoothly as advertise.

I've a suggession. I hope this plug in can combine or place a button in a text editor so that the user doesn't have to remember the code. For example, when user click alert button, so the alert code will apear in content
Reviews: 3
Installed everything and it works as advertised. The only thing I noticed that it would generated an error message if you cut and paste the text into the code section. Manual typing it in worked like it was suppose to. Other than that, I love it.
Reviews: 2
... piece of cake to install. great !!!
Reviews: 10
this is REAL candy to my site

found it
installed it
and i have not the right words to pronounce my impression

RESPECT thats real sweet! and i give it all stars.

a question to the developer:
1.) is it possible to activate this mambot to a section description?

2.) on my site the look is different between firefox 2.x and IE7
Reviews: 4
Easy install and is already configured. Works great looks nice. I have a couple minor issues with 508 and the dropcaps but this is to be expected since there is a default font size. If your looking for some nice addtions to you content in a web 2.0 style this is a nice extentsion.

Worth the effort to give info and get users attention.
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