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Horizontal Smooth Scroll ModulePlugin

This a free version of the Horizontal Smooth Scroll Plugin And Module, this is an article content plugin that will enable you to show a flash based smooth scroll in your articles.
This plugin can be configured with several parameters, like font, colors, scroll speed.
This plugin is based on the Joomtrax Flash Scroll.

There is also a module version of Horizontal Smooth Scroll in this package, which allows you to show horizontal smooth scroll on module positions.

version: 1.05 date: 9 October 2012
Added Joomla versions 1.7 and 2.5 and 3.x
version: 1.04 date: 21 may 2011
Added Support of Module
Fixed Joomla 1.6 Page title bug
version: 1.03 date: 12 may 2011
Added Support of international languages, for example, Thai, Greek
Fixed internet explorer 9 compatibility
version: 1.02 date: 5 march 2011
Added support of special characters, used for example in French language
Added Texteffect, like shadow, glow, bevel
Added html and span tag support, like color, bold, italic, fontsize.
version: 1.01 date: 2 march 2011
version: 1.00 date: 27 february 2011
Initial Version

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Reviews: 1
Simple to install. many script and other settings.. brilliant!

Reviews: 1
Easy installation and set up. The images run really smoothly. Thank you very much for this extension.
Reviews: 15
Easy to install. A few problems for me (a beginner), and the author responded quickly and helpfully. Went beyond the call of duty. Works perfectly and is quite beautiful and helpful on my site. Thanks.