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Favicon ComponentPlugin

If you're searching for a comprehensive favicon solution, your search is over.

Google, Yahoo and most of the other big boys use multiple favicons for different sections of their services. This functionality has now been delivered to Joomla!

The interesting thing about favicons, is that when you drag a favorite from Internet Explorer onto your desktop, Windows creates the icon from the favicon file associated with the bookmark. When your only favicon image is a 16x16, the resulting desktop shortcut is U-G-L-Y!

Using this component, you can assign different color depths and sizes so the resulting shortcut icon will be appropriately sized and use the correct color depth so it looks as good on the desktop as it does in the browser address bar.

Create your favicons by importing other favicon files, and whatever image formats your PHP installation supports (PNG, GIF, JPG, and sometimes BMP or XCF! It depends on your server.) This extension does preserve transparency in image types that support it, but does not resize, resample, scale or crop images, so you must import images in the appropriate size and color depth.

This component/plugin package can be used in one of two ways.

1. Using only the component, you can author your favicon and publish it to your template. When published to the template, your existing favicon can be backed up and edited with the component.

2. Using the component and plugin combination, you can author many favicons and assign them to individual menu items. The plugin allows child items to inherit the favicon of their parent menu items, all the way to the menu root. If a favicon assignment isn't found in the parent items, the configured default icon is used.

When you're happy with your Favicon (menu or template assignments), you can disable the component to un-clutter your admin backend menus. All menu assignments are stored in the plugin configuration, so the plugin runs lightning fast!

This extension makes use of the floIcon class by Joshua Hatfield -

Update 1.13 resolves an issue when using the plugin and no default icon is set. Now the template icon is left untouched when this scenario occurs.
4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.
Update 1.15 resolves a path issue on windows hosts
Update 1.16 - Joomla 3.x compatibility update

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 1
Easy and excellent!
Reviews: 3
This is a great component/plugin that works exactly as promised. I used it on a 1.7 site and was very happy with the results.
Reviews: 1
I have been making favicons manually for sites for a few years, it was always something I had to relearn every time. I wish I had found this plugin long ago. Literally had it downloaded, installed, published and configured in less than 5 minutes. Can't believe how easy it is and how great it is to know that I have all the right size files for a favicon that will work cross platform for all uses. Plus, I hadn't even thought of having a different favicon on different pages, how cool is that?

I took the time to register for an account just so I could say how great this plugin is if that tells you anything. You should get it too. Thanks to the developers!!
Owner's reply

Developers? Nah, it's just one guy - me.

Reviews: 1
I had been struggling with the favicon for my site and I replaced the favicon.ico on the server but had no luck. I found this extension by chance and decided to try it out. I love this extension!! I modified the jpg before uploading it so it was the right size and then was able to set my icon. Thank you so much!!!
Reviews: 2
This extention is great, as it's doing what I what and can even set favicons page based. Great option that IE will now show my favicon when I drag it to my desktop as shortcut.
Reviews: 3
Like other reviewers, I was tired of having to move or reload my favicon when I changed my template. This does what I want - creates and places my favicon regardless of template. Haven't tried the option of different favicons for different pages, but I can see that this would be useful on large sites. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
You don't often see a component that works out the box and that is so simple to use (or it was for me) Before when I changed template vendor, they seemed to have the favicon in different places, but with this, it makes it so simple.
Hats off to the developer here
Owner's reply

And my hat is off to you for the great review!

Reviews: 2
I had so many issues getting the default favicon to go away. This componenet took somewhere around 4 seconds to implement. The best part is my favicon was changed instantly! I also how love you can make a favicon for each page of your site! That's killer! I'm in Love!
Owner's reply

I'm glad you like it! 4 seconds huh, that's got to be a record.

Reviews: 2
Brilliant plug-in. Took less than ten minutes to set up, having never paid a whole lot of attention to favicons before. And now I can provide the detail that people expect. Thank you!
Owner's reply

I'm glad you like it. Surely your users will notice and appreciate the extra little touches. I often see sites that are well made, but still have the default Joomla favicon and I can't help but wonder why they didn't change it.

Reviews: 1
This is VERY helpful, unfortunately I had to modify it slightly to get it working on my site. It uses the short "ake sure "short_open_tag" is set to "On" in your php.ini file.

However, once I got that working this was an excellent plugin. If only for the favicon by menu item. Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Resolved in version 1.10. There goes my perfect 5 star rating.

Reviews: 10
I like this component!
But it only need for site with multi favicon for special pages!
Owner's reply

It can be used in more than one way.

To make a multi-sized icon for the template, or multiple icons for the site. Other favicon extensions in the JED only allow you to add 1 image to your icon.

Reviews: 16
Brilliant, Creative, Simple to use, Inventive, Easy to Assign Different page icons. Users ensure most current version of RoknavMenus for 1.6 if using RT templates. J.16 Auto updater may not recognize need for template/template extensions updates or this extension update.

Thank you for your time developing this extension.
Reviews: 2
If you have a complex site, using different templates, this gem is a must, allowing you to assign different favicons to different menu items! Excellent extension, and if you need any help Mike is available through his site, and very quick to come to your aid. First class support, and a well thought out extension. Thanks!
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