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Advanced Module Manager - control your modules the way it should be.

Advanced Module Manager is an extension that changes the way your Module manager works.

It adds a multitude of functions, like:

    ★ Many publishing assignments for your modules! You can control publishing modules by (ALL / ANY):
            ☆ Menu Item
            ☆ Homepage
            ☆ Date range
            ☆ User Group Levels
            ☆ Languages
            ☆ Templates
            ☆ URLs
            ☆ Operating Systems
            ☆ Browsers
            ☆ Components
            ☆ Content Page Types
            ☆ Categories
            ☆ Articles
            ☆ Tags
            ☆ ...and more...
    ★ You can also choose to mirror the assignment settings of another module!
    ★ Edit modules in modal popup windows
    ★ Give modules color labels in the module list for easy searching
    ★ Option to not show modules that have no output (handy for things like dynamic menus)

If you need even more module control, give MetaMod a try:
Advanced Module Manager is compatible with MetaMod Pro!

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 16
Easy install, easy to understand what it does. A must for any Joomla back end admin.
Reviews: 2
Excellent. Revolutionary change to backend administration.
Reviews: 1
This extension makes the existing module manager so much better. It's a must have if you're going to do major customisation to your joomla template and makes the module work as it's supposed to.
Reviews: 2
Great for administration, mainly in a large and complex sites! Useful functions, great interface and new ideas to organize website. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
I tried MetaMod first & had trouble making it do what I wanted. So far Advanced Module Manager has done EXACTLY what I wanted in no time! Next comes a pretty complicated page AND time based rule (form appears on certain pages only in certain months) & I'm confident that this extension can do it!
Owner's reply

Time based rules will be added soon.
You can see the assignments used in Timed Styles.
I will port those assignments to AMM too soon.

Reviews: 5
This is a must extension for me, I'm using it on every single site I've made. It takes Joomla one level higher, it has numerous options and I haven't been in a situation that this extension couldn't solve my problems (mainly connected with Joomla menu items and modules). I had some problems in the past but it was purely because of the conflicting rules I have set up.

I really don't understand negative/bad ratings that appeared lately as I found it one of top 5 Joomla extensions outhere.

It seems to me that they were written by inexperienced people or some other irrational reasons.

I give my thumbs up to the developer who is doing great work! Keep on rockin'!
Reviews: 4
I have used this since its release and watched it go from strength to strength, Peter is constantly adding new features and tweaking bugs.
This extension will save you so much time and effort trying to bend Joomla to how modules should really work!
Also I must say the recent change of being able to colour code labels onto the modules in the module manager also really helps out - I colour coded all modules on a site last week and had all the modules the client should never touch in red and the ones he needed to edit in green - really made a difference!
This extension should have been part of 1.6 - damm too late now...
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension.. can't even imagine this type of features is not implemented in J1.6!
Reviews: 2
Getting ready to go on the road, I needed an extension that would allow me to stage modules to publish on my site at a designated time, a function missing in the core Joomla! install. Within minutes, I had Advanced Module Manager installed and my modules configured for publishing. A great module!
Reviews: 3
This has just become one of my favorite extensions! It does exactly what it says!! Genius and beautiful at the same time!!!
Reviews: 8
This is a great extension and I appreciate all of your hard work in creating it. Thanks for sharing it with us!
Reviews: 2
I make joomla sites, and everytime I start a new one, this extention is on my mandatory list to have installed right away.

It just makes everything easier and much more functional.

Managing your modules is now more fun then using them.
Reviews: 2
Amazing! Saves me tons of work and hours of searching. Congrat folks!
Reviews: 1
Hello pal and thank you for your great extension.
What i want to say is A BIG THANKS for your great support
Reviews: 16
One of the most useful extensions i know of. Simple, does its job, does it well.
Reviews: 1
This is hands down the most intuitive, time saving admin component I have ever used.

I WISH I would have known about this months and months ago. This will undoubtedly save me tremendous amounts of frustration and time.

I will include it in all of the future installations of Joomla I do.

Thanks for a GREAT admin friendly extension!
Reviews: 13
-Easy Installation and upgrade process
-So many assignment capabilities
-Is one of a kind(As I Know)

Have installed on dozens of sites and it works great
even with some minor bugs it is a real MUST HAVE.
(In some rare cases the assignment gets reset and in more rare cases it doesn't work as the assignment-I cannot tell what cause these-BUT it's worth it)
Reviews: 1
Oh my god, why didn't I found this right away.
This must be a default Joomla extension.
Reviews: 4
the best thing is that i can assign it to articles, and URL's. i just put a keyword in the alias, and there we go :)
this is awesome, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
I have a big problem in my Joomla website, modules sometimes crazy I can't control where they will show up, until I saw this coolest extension then tried it, and PERFECT!!! It works like a charm.

Thank a lot guys!! more power!!!
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