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Advanced Module Manager - control your modules the way it should be.

Advanced Module Manager is an extension that changes the way your Module manager works.

It adds a multitude of functions, like:

    ★ Many publishing assignments for your modules! You can control publishing modules by (ALL / ANY):
            ☆ Menu Item
            ☆ Homepage
            ☆ Date range
            ☆ User Group Levels
            ☆ Languages
            ☆ Templates
            ☆ URLs
            ☆ Operating Systems
            ☆ Browsers
            ☆ Components
            ☆ Content Page Types
            ☆ Categories
            ☆ Articles
            ☆ Tags
            ☆ ...and more...
    ★ You can also choose to mirror the assignment settings of another module!
    ★ Edit modules in modal popup windows
    ★ Give modules color labels in the module list for easy searching
    ★ Option to not show modules that have no output (handy for things like dynamic menus)

If you need even more module control, give MetaMod a try:
Advanced Module Manager is compatible with MetaMod Pro!

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 2
Thank you making this extension and handing it out for free. It makes your life a hell of a lot easier.

BTW when will I know if I did not win the free holiday to Barbados? :)

Owner's reply

Good news! The results on the Barbados thing won't be in next month!

Reviews: 7
Just what the doctor ordered! Extremely easy to install and use. My dilemma started with using a module that was for a photo gallery component. I only wanted the module displayed while viewing pages within the photo gallery. Needless to say trying to create a menu item for each page in a dynamically driven photo album would be nearly impossible, let alone a huge administrative undertaking. After installing Advanced Module Manager it was all too easy to publish the module only to the photo album component. Awesome job Peter! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!
Reviews: 1
Excellent! Nothing to say more. It's my favorite extension.
Reviews: 6
Often we all find some free extension which would have to be included in the core installation of Joomla! This is one of them. It makes simpler show and hide components in various section/categories. Combined with metamod it makes Joomla very flexible.
Owner's reply

I am in contact with Stephen Brandon (from MetaMod) to see how we can make Advanced Modules and MetaMod more compatible.

Reviews: 9
Thank you very much Peter. "Useful" is quite an understatement for this nifty extension. It's downright indispensable. The Joomla! core developers should take a good look and learn from this little gem. Apart from that, Peter's support is great. Follow up on forum topics is swift and he implements suggestions for useful enhancements in the blink of an eye. I encourage everybody to give this extension a try, as well take a look at some of Peter's other extensions, which are very useful as well. And don't forget the donation, so he can keep up the good work ;)
Owner's reply

Thanks you very much for the review! Just about all my extensions are born out of a personal need. So any suggestions I see a value in I am keen to implement... we all win :)

I especially agree with your opinion on the donating :P

Reviews: 1
Very useful, should definitely be part of the core.
Owner's reply

I believe J!1.6 will have at least some of the features this extension has.

Reviews: 2
This extension is extremely useful to get a better control on your website's modules.
My two favourites' features are the "Exclude menu item" feature and the module panel under the parameters when you edit a menu item.
Thanks for this great job ;-)
Owner's reply

Since your review I released version 1.2.0 which has a lot more options to control the module publishing. So now you are not bound to the publishing of modules by menu items.

Reviews: 2
Very good job Peter, congratulations... and thanks for sharing.
Owner's reply

That's what the Open Source Joomla! community is all about: Caring and sharing.
Boy, that sounds cheesy... pass me the paper bag.

Reviews: 6
Excelent.... With peter Joomla is complete.. He is awesome.... thanks ones again for the cool extension..
Owner's reply

Thank you Sai. You as one of my biggest users should have a little more respect and write my name with a capital 'P'. :P

Reviews: 1
Very useful for module management. Especially the ability to see what modules are active for a menu item that you are editing. Really nice!
Owner's reply

Yeah, I like that little feature myself too :)

Reviews: 2
you're all monsters! thank you for this I love this admin module this is the 2nd time I am going to comment. Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. But who are 'you all'? NoNumber! is just me... lonely me!

Reviews: 9
I agree with tntsolid(below), it should be part of of Joomla core.

1 thing missing= Module status icon change when published/unpublished.
Owner's reply

Thanks for notifying me on the bug (in version 1.0.0). I'll fix it asap.

Reviews: 22
It works out of the box and it does what it promises, this should be part of the core Joomla package. Thank you for an excellent extension.
Reviews: 2
This makes editing modules so much quicker and easier. By far one of the most useful admin extensions I've gotten so far.

A a request to the creator it would be great if you could make one of these for plugins too or add that functionality to this extension.

Either way thanks for this it will be well used I promise.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the idea... I can indeed look into including that. The name 'Advanced Modules' is a bit out of place then, but oh well :)

Reviews: 3
Such a great component and it works like charm!
Looking forward for further updates. Thank you!
Reviews: 106
This is impressive! I think this should be something that comes with joomla! It does what it says, makes it a lot easier to edit stuff, and helps seeing what modules on what menu's are visible.
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