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Advanced Module Manager - control your modules the way it should be.

Advanced Module Manager is an extension that changes the way your Module manager works.

It adds a multitude of functions, like:

    ★ Many publishing assignments for your modules! You can control publishing modules by (ALL / ANY):
            ☆ Menu Item
            ☆ Homepage
            ☆ Date range
            ☆ User Group Levels
            ☆ Languages
            ☆ Templates
            ☆ URLs
            ☆ Operating Systems
            ☆ Browsers
            ☆ Components
            ☆ Content Page Types
            ☆ Categories
            ☆ Articles
            ☆ Tags
            ☆ ...and more...
    ★ You can also choose to mirror the assignment settings of another module!
    ★ Edit modules in modal popup windows
    ★ Give modules color labels in the module list for easy searching
    ★ Option to not show modules that have no output (handy for things like dynamic menus)

If you need even more module control, give MetaMod a try:
Advanced Module Manager is compatible with MetaMod Pro!

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 2
Great job, cant wait till 1,6 version
Reviews: 10
I cannot add anything to the many enthusiastic reviews except a very personal statement...

I blame myself for not having discovered this gem earlier !

Peter's great extensions consistently turn Joomla's limitations into new creative design opportunities.
Reviews: 1
this is an essential extension, it s more complet than metamod and more easy. i m using it with virtuemart and sef (sh404sef) to hide and show specific modules in "checkout" "shop.browse" ...etc (i mean virtuemart pages).
I don t now php, and to hide modules in virtuemart using sef we need php so i asked the admin in his forum then his support was in the same day, in about 7 hours i get my answers.
what s more can i ask?
thank you very much admin again and again.
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this extension!

waiting for joomla 1.6 version
Reviews: 2
Wow! What a great extension!
This extestion helped me to create module visible only for guests! + Not only that, the modules could be sorted in more ways too!
All very useful and great, great, great!
Donation is commeing :)
All the best and thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 7
Can't work without it if you are using Joomla 1.5. best & simple way to solve complicated websites & structure.
This extension make websites are more powerful!
one of most powerful extension JED have.

Thank you very much guys for this great extension!

waiting for joomla 1.6 supported version
Reviews: 2
I have been working with Joomla for about 4 years now and the only thing that has ever really annoyed me about it was the lack of the ability in module management to set a module to appear under every menu item "except" where as by default I could only set to "none", "all" or select the menu items I wanted it to appear under.

Yesterday I stumbled across this extension (I have searched high and low and never saw it before).

It is brilliant - it does what I want and then some.

I have today upgraded over 10 sites where the feature mentioned above was needed to have it work as I wanted, and it took me less than an hour, with everything working flawlessly.

From now on this is the first extension that will be installed on every 1.5 site I create.

Thank you so much, enjoy spending my donation.
Reviews: 4
Please please tell me are you working at a 1.6 native version? Please do so! I miss this extension so much since I work with J1.6 it really should be part of Joomlas core as there's still no very good module managment in 1.6.

Excellent work! Waiting for 1.6. I'm gonna give you a big donation when you upgrade :-)
Reviews: 5
Must have on your Joomla website!
This extension make my life easier and my websites are more powerful!

-easy to use.
-working "out of the box"
-many useful options
-you can do with Joomla modules whatever you want
-Possibility to assign colors to modules - (genius idea)
-not slowing down website at all.
-No conflicts with other components
-I didn't experienced any problems on any website with this component at all!!!

Thank you very much for this great extension!
I can recommend components and modules from this developer to all joomla users.
Reviews: 16
This is one of THE best extensions out there. Install on everyone of our Joomla projects
Reviews: 2
As nearly all extensions from NoNumber this one is also great and soooo necessary for every Joomla installation. Thanks for your GREAT WORK!!
Reviews: 2
After running in to issues when using ACESEF i was looking for solution giving me more module control. I tried solving the issue for days until i found this extension.

Simply installed it, and it resolved my problem of modules not being displayed in a second.

I do not understand why this is not part of the Joomla Core as this is simply a great extension.

I will surely make a donation for such a great product.
Reviews: 8
Until now i was using custom template hacks or even component hacks to display modules the way i wanted.

Now i can do complex module displays with this extension and not hacking anything. Super fast, super easy and super powerful.

I recommend this if you want to take full control of your modules. The interface is easy to use but yet very very powerful. It brings joomla module control to a whole new level!

Many Many Thanks to the Developers!
Reviews: 5
I've been using Joomla since 1.0.8 and this gets installed on nearly every site I manage. Definitely in my top 5 ever extensions. It's worth it for the menu filter alone. Has a huge amount of power with it's ability to lock modules to users, groups, content and more.
Many thanks!
Reviews: 22
I can't believe this isn't part of the core Joomla, makes developing so much easier. Great developer who keeps all the modules and plugins updated regularly.
Reviews: 3
I find it very useful to level some edges of Joomla! core and extensions. It really speeds up the development by cutting the time to look for and try workarounds.

Highly recommended for beginners and advanced alike.
Reviews: 54

After spending days trying to figure out how to activate a module to an external menu link to no avail, I stumbled upon this lovely extension.

Downloaded, Installed and working in 5 minutes!

Seriously a very BIG BIG THANK YOU to the developer.

This is one great awesome extension that I have added to my favorites.
Reviews: 3
Anyone creating a Joomla website without installing this extension are crazy and should be banned from the internet altogether.

Im not biased or anything but this one has helped me so much and is always the first priority when i set up a new website. Couldnt work without it now that im used to it, should be part of Joomla core.
Reviews: 15
This extension is a must have for any joomla developer and in theory should be integrated into joomla as a core component. It is just that versatile and good. The developer added K2 support and the versatility of selecting and excluding items is almost endless but easy to use and just works.

Highly Recommended!!!

Support is also outstanding too. I have no idea how the developer does it but he seems to be able to work miracles and is a credit to the development community.
Reviews: 10
this exstension it's absolutely outstanding: it works like a breeze, adds tons of features to the joomla default modules management system and... it's completely free!
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