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Modules2Pages Module

Modules2Pages is a Joomla module that allows you to assign any module to any page that you need. That’s correct, you don’t have to be limited by Joomla’s menu assignment, you can decide where exactly your modules need to be displayed.

Modules2Pages acts as a wrapper for other modules. Users can select any module installed in the system to be activated by Modules2Pages and then can assign the Modules2Pages module to a specific page using URL query strings.

Taking the path of flexibility and power provided by it’s sibling extension, kBanners4Joomla, this module too allows you to build an expression using comparison operators and logical operators on the URL query option. And like it’s sibling extension, it works on SEF enabled sites we well.

Now compatible with Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 as well!

Introductory offer:20% discount. Buy now for 20$

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Reviews: 40
In first time, support is perfect, but component ... its in alfa version. Not working how is in documents, also can not have two modules in one page with this plugin. Very hardly to use. I know another / will not write name / and is free and working much better. I take out 20 € and hope for better component. Harita.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an extension which would place a module on a single K2 item.

After an email to KJ and a tweak of the code in the Display Rule, this really works and is now one of the simplest and most effective extensions we have used.
Reviews: 4
I needed something that would work with my dynamic generated pages in Jreviews andn Tag clouds and this extension works like a treat.

I tried modules2urls but the URL had to be exact and I couldnt see an option of a wildcard.

Having read through the manual of modules2pages first, I liked the way you could set tp rules. I took the plunge and bought it (only a few quid) and I am really pleased. Hoping to use this a lot on my site.
Reviews: 4
After days of mulling over my problem this extension has given me the solution. I have a VirtueMart site that uses product types so you can filter products by a number of criteria. The problem was that I wanted to add a module at the top of the page when a user chooses a particular product brand.

This wasn't possible through using dummy menus and other techniques but Modules2Pages uses the page URL and can query the parameters passed through the URL. Therefore I tell it to show the Ray-Ban module when the URL contains "brand=ray-ban".

Work with sh404sef too!
Reviews: 1
Purchased this extension to insert custom modules into my Mosets Tree directory listing pages. I found the module to be very easy to set-up and configure, it did have a slight compatibility issue with my site, but emailed customer support and they replied very fast and they got it working perfectly with my site's pages. I highly recommend this extension as it does exactly what it says on the side of the tin and support was fantastic.