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TP2 ComponentPlugin

TP2 - Drag N Drop Modules management system

TP2 is the only extension that give you the ability to see ALL your positions on one page and use DRAG N DROP interface for adding new modules in any positions.

TP2 make your website modules management intuitive and simple for changing.

TP2 Features:

* Displays and manage all the template positions on one page
* Displays active modules in each position.
* Adding modules with Drag N Drop!
* Change module position with simply drag n drop from one position to another!
* Easy modules editing.
* Easy trashing modules.
* Manage modules via Front End.

version 1.2.0 - Support T3 Framework!
version 1.3.0 - with new ACL feature, minor bug fix.
version 1.5.0 - support Joomla 3.0!

TP2 - managing your modules never been so easy!

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Reviews: 1
It makes working with Joomla's modules so much easier especially when you are newnie in Joomla. Customer service has been excellent too they were very prompt in answering to all my questions. I highly recommend the TP2 product.
Reviews: 6
Finally, a way for endusers to visualize their placement of modules in their site templates!

Easy to use: log in to front-end, then a single button click and see all positions on your site. Next, drag and drop modules right into their desired position, provide module parameters, and lastly a single click to see the the module published into the position in the template.

Definitely going to be a must-have add on for new Joomla projects!

This saves non-technical site managers from having to guess whether they are publishing modules into the right positions.
Reviews: 1
TP2 is impressive. It makes module positioning and layout creation way easier to manage.

Also the support is very good, I was unable to download the latest update then I sent a email to Jomland, they answered in matters of hours with good support and what I needed.

Reviews: 1
This extension is a real time saver. Drag and drop should be part of the core period.

If you work with Templates that are complex, then this is also great as it will make keeping track of positions very easy.

Also it makes it easier and more intuitive to learn Joomla and to show someone new how to use Joomla.

And perhaps the most impressive thing was the service.
Reviews: 1
I was amazed, when I tried this extension. It makes working with Joomla's positions so much easier - especially when you are relatively new in terms of Joomla. Et's an absolute "must have" extension whwn planninbg and working with a site.

But what impressed me the most was that I had a minor fault (me - not the extension), I wrote to the developer on Easter Fridag evening - and within 30 minutes I received an answer and a solution of the problem.

The big guys in the business could really learn from this way to deal with customers. Quite simply put - extraordinary!!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla! programming and this extension has been a big help in navigating the layouts. It also increases the programming speed in being able to make changes and additions right from the front end view and then if needed easily making changes from back end too. It really is the best of both worlds with TP2!

Customer service has been excellent too! They were very prompt in answering my questions ALL of them even if they are a world away from me. The price is also an excellent value given the benefits the extension yields! From a traditional cost benefit analysis (CBA), the extension is high benefit and low cost which makes it an easy decision to purchase.

So at the end of the day… I highly recommend the TP2 product!

~ Richard
Reviews: 2
This is a very good extension!
Thanks for the fast support by Ofer and Erez.

from Joomi Team.
Reviews: 15
I "just" say good extension at the moment, because it needs some fix (on the run) but ONLY for JA T3 framework. (Gantry and simple templates are well managed)
But the very best part is support, very fast and really helpful.
Barny proposes a refund immediately, because I didn't saw (but it was notified !) that it was non compliant for JA T3 yet.
So actually, they are working to fix this, already testing new packages, and surely thinking about upgrades.

We will use it for a big intranet for a french university, surely for other websites and other purposes : it is very helpfull to demonstrate how module works for users that want to get more into Joomla! architecture.
Owner's reply

Hi Crony,
Thanks for review.

We release a new version that also support T3. Please contact and we would be happy to send it to you.

Reviews: 5
This extension takes Joomla to a whole new level allowing your admins complete control over module positions and content.
This is a must for anyone handing over control of the site to their client or for those wanting more flexibility over front end administration!
On top of that the support at Jomland is second to none. Great work!!!
Reviews: 2
Simply put, a must have for anyone who needs easy module addition/placement from the frontend.

Works great on everything but one template? I've tested several templates from various vendors.

Barny (Jomland) & I have been in constant contact & we're sure of a fix.
Reviews: 2
This extension is amazing, it makes a huge difference, even more if you're starting with joomla.

The module management become so easy, every cms, ecommerce or any other system should have a interface like this to edit the frontend.