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Modules Manager CK ComponentPlugin

Modules Manager CK allows you to manage your modules directly into your Joomla! template. Imagine that you can add, remove, rename and move your modules into your website with drag & drop instantly ! You don't need to search your modules positions anymore !

With Modules Manager CK you can see where are your modules positions into your template and manage your modules directly into the template. You can add a module into any potision of your template, publish or unpublish it instantly or just rename it. You can also edit them in a popup window directly from your template.
Features of Modules Manager CK

- Drag and drop the modules in the page
- Easy interface that shows you all the modules positions into your template
- Publish, unpublish or rename instantly any module
- Add or remove any module in any position
- Fast interface that saves you a lot of time to manage your modules
- Compatible with almost templates

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