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Adaptive Inbound Module Manager ComponentPlugin

This component and plugin can display each visitor different content based on their cookies. It helps promote more relevant content to users and thus lead them to conversion.

The main objective of the component is to increase your conversions.

Example of Use

You can display a module with a "trial button" for all new visitors and a module with a "buy button" for all visitors who have already been on your site.

You can have as many user groups as you want and therefore display various content.

The modules are assigned to specific group using the module assignment feature.

Users are divided into groups based on URL tehy visited:
if a user visits /thank-u-1 -> he goes into group 1 if a user visits /thank-u-2 -> he goes into group 2

Use Case

You have a website to sell software, however the primary conversion on your website is creating a "trial" - so you want to have "get a trial" everywhere.

After creating the trial, you want your visitors to make a purchase but if they come to your site, they will see "get a trial" button.

This is irrelevant for them, since they have already registered for the trial.

They should see "buy software now" as the primary conversion.

And this is exactly what the component does. It can change modules according to users' cookies:

A new user, without any specific cookie sees a module with "get a trial"

A user who has already created a trial (visited a "thank you page") sees ą module with "buy software now"

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