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MetaMod Module

Control your modules! (WORKS ON JOOMLA 3.3!)

…by date, time, recurring time, GeoIP (country of viewer), browser type and language, user name, group, page within other component (e.g. Virtuemart, K2), on-page text, article keywords, by article, section/category, domain, referrer…

…and much, much more!

MetaMod is a "Meta Module" - a module that includes other modules, according to a set of rules.

By installing the free GeoLite Country or City database from MaxMind, you can switch modules based on country names/cities/states etc.

Suggested uses:
★ VirtueMart: hide or show different modules at checkout, cart, product pages, categories etc.
★ Timed modules: recurring daily/weekly times and dates (great for radio/TV/broadcasting sites)
★ Languages: show different menus/modules based on the front-end language the user has selected (e.g. with JoomFish), or according to their browser language
★ Users: show a module for users registered for more (or less) than a certain time period, or target modules to certain users or groups
★ Switch between 2 modules for logged-in users and guests
★ Section/Category-specific modules: target modules according to the section/category of the displayed article
★ Domain & referrer: display different modules depending on which domain is being used for the page, or which site the user linked from
★ Browser detection: switch modules depending on the user's browser & browser version (e.g. show a different module for people viewing the site with Internet Explorer IE)
★ Control modules based on text found in the main component of the page
★ Control modules such as RSForm (show a different form based on where in the world someone is connecting from, etc)
★ Target modules onto specific pages in JReviews, CommunityBuilder, SOBI and almost any other component
★ Dynamically control the parameters of other modules on the page as well as whether the modules appear or not
★ and so much more!

Many more uses can be found in the documentation on the site, and in the forums. See you there!

★ v3.x is compatible with Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.0-3.3
★ v2.x is only compatible with Joomla 1.5.
★ Please download and install the right module for your Joomla version.


v3.18 (30 Oct 2014)
* J3.3
* fixed PHP warnings on profile save

v3.16 (24 Mar 2014)
* HikaShop support
* various VM fixes

v3.13b (10 Jul 2013)
* added K2 support
* fixed minor issue in VM handling

v3.13 (27 Nov 2012)
* fixed crasher in GeoLiteCIty support
* added support for VM 2.0.14; JomGenius now detects new pagetypes notify/recommend/manufacturer product listing.

v3.11 (03 Sep 2012)
* Added compatibility with JoomFish for J2.5

v3.10 (23 Jul 2012)
* Added Categorizr support to JomGenius, for detecting mobile, desktop, tablet and tv devices.

* Multiple improvements to JomGenius support for VM 2.x

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Reviews: 4
Its a very powerful extension! It is not always easy to find the right recipe but at least you will always get help from the developer! Great support and great module, 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
Stephen is beyond amazing when it comes to helping you with this extension. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face when you come to him with a problem... and the best part?? he ALWAYS finds a solution! Absolutely incredible customer service.. and he always wants you to be happy :)
The module is EXCELLENT and works like a charm once you get the hang of it :)

Good job Stephen!!
Reviews: 3
MetaMod made my day. I spent two days trying to find out the way to hide a custom html module to registered users, I tried also to write a code but I'm not a programmer so It didn't work.
I just downloaded the extension, configure it, and voila! It worked just fine.
I strongly recommend this extension
Reviews: 2
Metamod has made life with Joomla much easier especially not coming from a coding background.

It's easy to use and the developer is always on point in the forum if you need assistance.

Great job!
Reviews: 6
I've been struggling with Virtuemart to get the pages right. I’ve tried various solutions but no luck. MetaMod solved my problem! The support from Stephen is the best I’ve experienced for any extension. I managed to achieve something that I was starting to think was impossible.

Thanks to this extension my website is finally taking shape! And I believe I have only scratched the surface on what this extensions can do.

I highly recommend this extension, it’s great!
Reviews: 2
I have been using this module for years. It allows the users to display modules based on a set of rules (e.g. location of the user, registered vs non-registered, time, dates, etc). With this module your site can become a "smart" site and display content that are relevant to the visitor. I use this for all my multilingual sites.

The support you get from the developer puts this module over the top. He provides terrific support even for the free version. But you won't need much help as the module is quite intuitive if you play with it enough and he's got detailed documentation and useful examples you can just cut/pasted on his site.

This module has my highest recommendation.
Reviews: 2
Before I found this bit of Joomla gold, I had to hack my php to achieve what this mod can do. Very powerful, and easy to use, I highly recommend it. I add it to every site I build as one of my standard extensions. Congratulations on a great extension.
Reviews: 1
I'm jumping on the fan-wagon! This is one of those extensions that makes you feel good about having found it.

I was looking for a solution that would allow me to rotate 4 weekly menus without user intervention. The old way was to stop publishing last weeks menu and to start publishing this weeks menu. Not hard to do but why should I have to do that? That's what computers are for! This fantastic extension allows me to do just that. Set it and forget it!

But wait, there's more! I'm not a PHP guru and didn't know how to configure the "recipe" for my task. A simple forum entry was all it took. The developer supplied me with everything I needed as well as the logic behind it.

I'm also using this extension to randomly place modules on pages where another module is not assigned. A quick view on the recipe page was all it took to give me all the necessary information to accomplish this.

I can't wait to find more reasons to use this extension. I would vote for Stephen if he were running for president.
Reviews: 11
I wanted display a module only in some pages conditionally with some specific rules without having a true solution for that. I discover Metamod and decide to give a try.. Using the recipe code provided by Stephen the developer I'm now able to do what I want...

I just make a little mess with my Menu Assignment and I asked Stephen in his forum more infos. In less than 12 hours I get a detailed reply about my problem...

This module and the support is rock!! Thank again Stephen.
Reviews: 4
Gives excellent module flexibility, excellent support, easy handling and config. I can't go without it. This stands in all for the genius and creativity involved by the developer.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 10
This module is a dream come true. We've been using the Pro version on our site for years, and only recently realized just how powerful it really is. The ability to custom-tailor the appearance and functionality of each and every page of our site is simply brilliant. While some conditions might be a bit hard to define sometimes (due to the way other components are designed, not Metamod's fault), there always seems to be some way to control exactly how and when a module will be displayed.

Here's a prime example. We needed to display some modules on all Kunena pages except for one. There was no way to configure this through menu assignments. There was no easy way to do it through Kunena (except modifying the source code). The only elegant way to do it was to pull a variable using the JRequest function and create a condition based on the result. Metamod managed this flawlessly, and the result is upgrade-proof (future upgrades to Kunena or our site template won't destroy the result).

Another great example: during site development, we needed to have modules show up just for us in our office. Using the IP address feature, we were able to do just that. This way we could work on development without interfering with daily site usage by our customers.

The documentation on the site is very useful, especially the "Recipes" which provide a great baseline for figuring out how to get the module to do what you want.

We've never needed to ask for support, so I don't know how good or bad that aspect is.

While Metamod itself is an excellent module, I highly recommend the Pro edition for those who want maximum flexibility.
Reviews: 2
My client wanted a backend for members with a forum and whatnot, but did not want to have the Promo modules published for people who were already members. So I needed a way to unpublish modules for registered users and MetaMod was the answer. After installing it, I reviewed the parameters, which looked confusing at first. But I just put in the ID of the modules I wanted to unpublish for registered users, selected the proper setting and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I had to unpublish the promo modules in the module manager (due to them being republished and controlled by MetaMod) for it all to work without much of a learning curve. I was disappointed with the empty div's though once users log in, so I upgraded to MetaMod Pro and everything works beautifully now and my client is super happy!
Reviews: 12
I searched for an extension that would allow me to hide a module when users are logged in.

I found this

Downloaded it

Backed my site up

Installed it

& Set it up(working a treat) In less than 5 minutes!

Reviews: 4
Well, first, I have to admit that this looks like amaizingly good module, but it didn't work for me... I set everything as it was described, but nothing happened, like I never installed it. I was trying to solve this, but with no success. I recommend this to some1 who has a little bit more patience to go through support and find solution.
Reviews: 4
You really need this for any dynamic website.

Modular control is so cool! I really recommend the Pro version if you dont want empty div's but if you dont care get the free one.

Thanks MetaMod!
Reviews: 6
It is incredible how easy to install, and how powerful this extension is.
The only problem I had was with the surrounding css and html. Something that you can work around to get a great final look of your modules. But I ended buying the Pro version and, and in a snap it was perfect. It is worth every single penny that I paid for it.
This guy should be nominated to the nobel of the ideas and realization. And the extension should be nominated as the best extension for Joomla (with no doubt).
Now I can play positioning different modules depending on the logged-in user and the language selected or even the browser's language. This is my new toy.
I have different menus with different configurations depending on the language chosen by the user. I don't have to translate the menus anymore. It is better to have different menus because of the different categories available for the languages.
Simple: It is one of the most useful extensions available.
Thanks a million.
Reviews: 6
This is a VERY useful extension, it is so flexible and can be used for so many different things, making websites more automated and cost effective to maintain.

Also the Metamod guy is VERY helpful, he gives a fast response to queries and goes out of his way to help. For a non-commercial extension the service is excellent. If you have questions just be sure to follow forum rules and provide relevant info and links so he can try and resolve your issue quicker. If you find it useful then be kind and donate because we need to help keep these good companies in business, cos without them we would need to spend so much more development time and money.

Thanks Metamod Guy :)
Reviews: 1
This module is very useful! So useful for me i had to register and give kudos to the creators. Works perfect especially for modules/components that IE can't display properly.
Reviews: 2
I was in search for a tool to hide a module from logged-in users. Meta mod done it very cool.. No hassles in configuring... Crystal clear documentation in the module itself.

Tons of flowers to the creator
Reviews: 1
I have been so impressed with the support provided, and what can be achieved by using metamod, that I have finally made this, my first review! I am still very much a novice, I confess I did struggle a little as I know no PHP but I could not have asked for better, and so very prompt, customer support. I have been pulling my hair out to achieve the end results that metamod is simply designed to do. Thank you guys for an excellent addition to any Joomla site but particularly those with Virtuemart! Definitely worth the investment. Thanks again
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