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MetaMod Module

Control your modules! (WORKS ON JOOMLA 3.3!)

…by date, time, recurring time, GeoIP (country of viewer), browser type and language, user name, group, page within other component (e.g. Virtuemart, K2), on-page text, article keywords, by article, section/category, domain, referrer…

…and much, much more!

MetaMod is a "Meta Module" - a module that includes other modules, according to a set of rules.

By installing the free GeoLite Country or City database from MaxMind, you can switch modules based on country names/cities/states etc.

Suggested uses:
★ VirtueMart: hide or show different modules at checkout, cart, product pages, categories etc.
★ Timed modules: recurring daily/weekly times and dates (great for radio/TV/broadcasting sites)
★ Languages: show different menus/modules based on the front-end language the user has selected (e.g. with JoomFish), or according to their browser language
★ Users: show a module for users registered for more (or less) than a certain time period, or target modules to certain users or groups
★ Switch between 2 modules for logged-in users and guests
★ Section/Category-specific modules: target modules according to the section/category of the displayed article
★ Domain & referrer: display different modules depending on which domain is being used for the page, or which site the user linked from
★ Browser detection: switch modules depending on the user's browser & browser version (e.g. show a different module for people viewing the site with Internet Explorer IE)
★ Control modules based on text found in the main component of the page
★ Control modules such as RSForm (show a different form based on where in the world someone is connecting from, etc)
★ Target modules onto specific pages in JReviews, CommunityBuilder, SOBI and almost any other component
★ Dynamically control the parameters of other modules on the page as well as whether the modules appear or not
★ and so much more!

Many more uses can be found in the documentation on the site, and in the forums. See you there!

★ v3.x is compatible with Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.0-3.3
★ v2.x is only compatible with Joomla 1.5.
★ Please download and install the right module for your Joomla version.


v3.18 (30 Oct 2014)
* J3.3
* fixed PHP warnings on profile save

v3.16 (24 Mar 2014)
* HikaShop support
* various VM fixes

v3.13b (10 Jul 2013)
* added K2 support
* fixed minor issue in VM handling

v3.13 (27 Nov 2012)
* fixed crasher in GeoLiteCIty support
* added support for VM 2.0.14; JomGenius now detects new pagetypes notify/recommend/manufacturer product listing.

v3.11 (03 Sep 2012)
* Added compatibility with JoomFish for J2.5

v3.10 (23 Jul 2012)
* Added Categorizr support to JomGenius, for detecting mobile, desktop, tablet and tv devices.

* Multiple improvements to JomGenius support for VM 2.x

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Reviews: 13
I have came across a lot of situation, where either the product is bad or the support is bad. But here both are AWESOME!
MetaMod looks promising!
And I would suggest to buy MetaMod Pro, since it doesnt exactly what it says, and all the controls are right on your hands.
If you want to really control what to come, what not to come, then this is the last stop!
MetaMod Pro and MetaMod and Stephen rocks!
Reviews: 5
It really is as good as everyone says. It is hard for me to think about Joomla now without MetaMod Pro installed. Support is everything you could ever ask for and much more. Thanks Stephen.
Reviews: 1
Took me a couple of seconds to figure out then its home free! Really so helpful!

*You do need to know very very basic PHP though.

Cheers module maker!
Reviews: 2
theres a lot to learn here but the forum makes this very easy. use it to your advantage
Reviews: 2
I recently developed a site where publishers would login only to be horrified tha the article editor was half hidden behind the right column modules. This kind of thing should not be happening and should have been accomodated long ago by the Joomla Developers. This is something that template designers have had to create workarounds to solve. Finally MetaMod to the rescue as this little gem allows you to assign those right column modules inside of it and once a publisher logs in they are hidden from view. Problem solved as once the right column is hidden the editor expands out and is in complete view as it should be.

BRAVO MetaMod!
Reviews: 11
I still give it a 5 star because I know it is a module that should be a Joomla core element. A CMS is only powerful when one can do anything in any position with it. Joomla is a little bit stiff, but thanks to this developer made flexible.
For me though as non-php coder chose joomla cms because of its easy to use, hardly having to use to much coding, but unfortunatly now has to face again the hard to understand PHP codes in this module. If only the maker could create a YouTube video and show me how to write the correct php lines for each use, it would be perfect..
Reviews: 1
Hey Guys,

this is the best extesion ever! I love it.
Reviews: 1
I had a minor spacing issue caused by the order of the items in the Module Manager. I received a very timely and useful response from Stephen -- and his suggestion worked the first time. The Pro version of this module is a must-have for any serious Joomla site.
Reviews: 3
As many other people this is my first review and it starts with METAMOD. I had to create an account to tell what a great support you get from this compagny. This module is so cool, a real must have. It gives you so much control on your website.
Reviews: 1
Metamod does exactly what is indicated in the description. There is extensive documentation on the website showing how to use the extension. Support for the extension is incredible. The developer's response to a question was quick and extremely detailed. I followed the directions given and was successful.

The extension gives the user a lot of flexibility to include the exact modules you want given the location in your website.

I highly recommend the MetaMod extension.
Reviews: 2
I never leave reviews (I should more often) but created an account to leave a review specifically for this mod.

The mod is a little confusing (for someone who is bad at following directions and doesn't have any PHP knowledge) but the developer is just amazing.

I am using JReviews and needed a way to display the featured module on all pages except for featured listings. The developer went out of his way to help me implement this with his module - he even contacted the developer of JReviews and requested a copy so he could install it and offer me more detailed assistance - then spent the better part of a whole evening assisting me with getting it set up.

I have never had better service or a better experience with a product, and would recommend this to anyone.

He also created a "Recipe" to assist others with this exact issue that can be found on his recipe section:

URL removed

Thank you again!
Reviews: 1
I used this along with Meta Template for ultimate control over modules and templates and it worked like a dream. Brilliant support from the developer. THANK YOU!
Reviews: 4
I think this is a really fantastic module. It saved me a lot of time when I needed to have custom php code in various areas of a Joomla site to help to integrate Ad Agency with Sobi 2.

Kudos to the developer for making such a useful module. The pro version is well worth the cost to support this great project.
Reviews: 9
With metamod and metatemplate, you can just do whatever you want with your joomla installation !
this is just great soft very well done, very easy to use now !!
Reviews: 18
Thanks to this module and plugin i am able to display modules on all the vm pages only. This solved a major display issue for me, and the site looked really crappy with modules everywhere. So this module really made all the difference!

Excellent work, i bought the pro version and it is worth every penny!

Thanks thanks thanks :-)
Owner's reply

Hi hustad, yes, complex components don't work very well with Joomla's rather limited system of assigning modules to menu items. VirtueMart is one of the best examples of a component that requires particular modules on very specific pages. e.g. upselling on certain pages, legal requirements to display on certain pages, modules that should appear for items in specific categories, etc etc. I'm glad that MetaMod could help you - thanks for the review.

Reviews: 1
Very good extension. Not an easy to setup ( you should read and understand manual first :), but work as described. Must have for everybody working with multi-language sites.
Reviews: 2
El módulo hace exactamente lo que promete. Definitivamente Joomla necesita de un componente como este.
Reviews: 1
Great mod with excellent online support! :)
A must to use!

Reviews: 4
This nifty module solved my problem of wanting different modules to appear in different web browsers. The documentation is thorough and easy to follow.
Thank you for sharing this extension.
Reviews: 3
why didn't the core programmers come up with this , joomla has needed this since inception. Thank you for developing it. long awaited.
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