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Tabs GK4 Module

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Simplify your work by creating tabs with various content, such as modules or XHTML code. Thanks to the tab management system integrated in the module, its support is easy, intuitive and fast.

GK4 is a new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Tabs GK4 module is the next step of development of our tools to present content on a page in an attractive way.

With this module, you can create tabs on a site which include various content, like for a module or XHTML code defined by a user. By embedding News Show GK4 module in it, this tool makes it possible to easily present articles in the form of a tab.

Now, thanks to a rebuilt administrative panel, you can manage tabs without additional component use.

In comparison with GK Tab GK3 module and Tabs Manager GK3 component, these changes were implemented:

- panel for managing tabs built in module options
- two types of content supported: modules and XHTML code. The article tab was eliminated. Instead of using this tab, we recommend using News Show GK4 module
- module options look totally rebuilt
- improved and more flexible module structure
- two main animation effects implemented: transparency and slider
- support for parsing plugins code in XHTML code
- possibility for choosing the first active tab from address level or cookies files
- JavaScript code shorter and more optimized
- module ID generated automatically

Thanks to these changes, Tabs GK4 Module support is easier and more convenient. Tabs management from the module level allows you to specify and modify given module content quickly.

Added function gkTabEventTrigger for use in the external scripts

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Reviews: 21
A HUGE THANK YOU to the developers of the GK5 tabs module. It's beyond AWESOME in its features, options, functionality, ease-of-use....WOW! You guys REALLY helped me out of a jam with one of the projects I was working on. This module is the best free tabbed content module manager. With options for putting tabs at the top, bottom, left or right...what more can you ask for. Hats off to the developers for making this such high-quality and for making it free. It really solves an important, fundamental problem for displaying content...and it does it with find style.
Reviews: 1
When I try to use this fuction - icon changes and opacity of text chenges, but display option of div, where text situated, doesn't change to "block" from "none".
Reviews: 10
This modules is excellent but one thing is missing , i need to set height as auto , but there is no any setting for this option .
so i rate it 4 star
Reviews: 14
Works very well, never had an issue with it. Used with shape5, RT and Gavick templates out of the box.
Reviews: 18
I am new to Joomla and I was looking for a tabbed form, found TABS GK4 and what I joy it is to use. I wanted to change a couple of things in the form but could not see how to do it, my failing not the extension. Contacted the Support desk and got a lot of help from Paulina, thank you for all of your assistance.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to use this module for a new 2.5 website. Looking at the specs is seemed to meet all my requirements.

Downloading and installing went without any problems. The backend looks great en is very easy to understand. You get set up your tabs module within minutes.

Front-end also looks great. The included css styles are very beautifull and stylisch. doesn't work! The tabs show up, de content of the first tab is shown...but you simply cannot navigate to the other tabs. I tried all kinds of different settings, included and excluded the scripts and css files, disabled to only other module I had, I have no additional plugins so there's nothing to turn off there...and still i cannot get it to work.

Putting the second tab in the URL itself does display the content of the second tab, but the tabs themself still don't work. Even automatic animation doesn't work. It is stuck on the first tab and there is no way of showing the contents of your other tabs, wich makes this module quite useless giving it's purpose.

There are several similar questions about this problem on their forum, but none of them are solved or even answerd. You can't post a topic or even ask a question by mailing to the team without paying, so with no help on solving this issue i can't rate this any other way than very poor....simply because it looks beautifull but doesn't work in joomla 2.5.
Owner's reply

The module is compatible with Joomla! 2.5 - we have tested it with a lot of templates and it always works fine. Probably your problem is connected with the script conflict on your template.

Reviews: 4
You shouldn't use it for RTL languages, the style is almost impossible to beginner to Enable it RTL, although its only 10 lines
Reviews: 1
Not only do the tabs look fantastic, but the module setup is very intuitive and a snap. Even the behind-the-scenes piece looks great. Unlike a lot of extentions, you're not left scratching your head even after reading the documentation (which I didn't have to read).

Kudos GavickPro! Tabs GK4 rocks!