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Qlue Panel Module

Our easy to use light weight panel module will load any article from a specified category and will display it in a sliding panel at the top of your site.

Qlue panel is capable of loading all html articles such as text, images and even other modules inside a verticle slider with a smooth sliding transition. This module is quick and easy to install on any joomla 1.5 & joomla 1.6 site.

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Reviews: 35
The demo looked promising - in fact perfect for my needs - until I installed, configured, and published. This turned my page into the dreaded white screen with php error. I will be back to check on this at some point, so see if there's an update. There is no support at all for the free version, $20 to be able to move this to the left (and get to the forum)...this cost another star.
Reviews: 8
I needed a module that could slide from top or side, found this one to be working. thanks to developers.
Reviews: 1
Installed free version and it worked with no issues.
I love when that happens!
Reviews: 10
Thanks again to Qlue Developpers for this great module. SO light ! So easy to use ! So esay to customize CSS. Comptatible with all my others extensions...Great job. i'll implement it on all my sites and also buy licence for support this great team who provide so many usefull free extensions !

PS : Its can be usefull to add option for the button : Fixed or Relative position.

Bravo and thank you.