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Xpert Tabs Module

ThemeXpert is delighted to present its new extension Xpert Tabs, a tab module for presenting contents in a beautiful way in Joomla! Websites. Available in 5 presets, it should be quite adaptive in any type of sites due to its power to load any type contents such as K2, Joomla! articles, modules etc. with different effect. It is sure to make any site more attractive by positioning top or bottom and easy customization. Xpert tabs has even more features as auto play option and title minimization.

- Joomla Article Support
- K2 Article Support ( only for Joomla1.5.x )
- Modules Support
- 5 Built-in style with customization ability.
- MVC style overloading.
- 3 Animation Effects, Plain/Fade/Slide
- Auto/Custom module width.
- Tab positioning, Top/Bottom
- Tabs Interaction, Click/Mouse Over.
- Multiple tab module loading on single page.
- Title minimization: customizable to shorten long titles automatically.
- Auto play option.
- Auto pause option.
- Show/Hide read more, ability to change read more text.
- jQuery loading without any confliction, that means if you publish multiple scroller jQuery will load only once.
- jQuery 1.6.1 Compatible

------- Version 3.0 ------
+ Powered by XEF - Xpert Extension Framework
+ New admin UI similar to J3.0
+ K2 Support added
+ Joomla category filter added
+ 2 type introtext filter (Words and characters)
^ J3.0 compatible
# Module Sorting problem fix

->Version2.0 initial release for Joomla1.7
->Version 2.1 custom css file loading bug fix.

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Reviews: 2
For a non-commercial extension, xpert tabs is extremely polished, and configuration is dummy-proof (useful in my case!).

I would love to see some more sorting options for the tabs, but it does everything it promises to, and does it well!
Reviews: 2
I am very pleased with the extension, that it is also free of charge. Thanks.
Reviews: 15
This extension seems to no longer be supported. The forum is still down and the documentation page for this extension says these three letters only "sdf".
There is no way to order your tabs. Other than that it works great.
The styles are clean and the tabs load properly. But without the ability to order the tabs, I must move on to another extension.
Reviews: 1
The autoplay feature doesn't work and the problem is know for more than a year... ThemeXpert team is "working on it".
That sad they don't make a better support on their products because the Tab system itself is great and simple to use and fit perfectly with my needs (displays full article with images from a category in tabs.
I will have to drop it because I really need that feature and for now no other tab system I tried work the way I need it, xperttab is the nearest.
Reviews: 1
I like the straight design of XpertTabs. The opportunity to load modules in tabs is perfect for my needs. The only problem I have is how to define the ordering of the tabs. There isn't an option for this in the module configuration and their support-forum seems to be down at the moment.
Reviews: 3
i dont want to give bad rating to this module ,this module work charme like on joomla but not support k2 ,i

i support tikect ,no help documentation

this module do not support k2 please check your download page
Owner's reply

I've replied your ticket within 5min and we are working on a really cool version which will support not but K2 also many extensions :)


Reviews: 1
This is indeed a very easy and usefl module. Thank you developer for this.
Reviews: 1
I am impressed with this!
I had tried another tabs extension but found it produced conflicts with jquery, this did'nt.
Plenty of parameters to configure.
And.... it's free!!

Great job, well done!

Allow Articles to be ordered by Joomla Article Manager order.
I got around this by editing the Articles created date and then ordering on that.
Reviews: 1

This is an excellent application but it seems that the download page on the developers website does not correct.. Hopefully the owner will see this.

Thank you
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! download page working as expected, as its required to login for download that's why when you click download link on JED it takes you to module details page.

Hope that make sense.


Reviews: 4
Im using Joomla for last 4 years, and for this type of Tabs works, I use some Other ( I dont Intent to place the name here) which is a premium one. For One of my client's site, I checked with this module and I have nothing more to tell .... Just Hats off to Xpert Tabs
Reviews: 2
fine dear you are doing well! i wish, you place some more free extensions.
thanks with regards.
Reviews: 2
I've been searching for a good tab module which will cover all the features i need. Xpert tabs comes with all the features and i'm really happy to use this! Truly one extension cover almost everything i need on the top of that its free also...
Reviews: 1
At the first glance i wasn't to sure about this extension's working benefits, well it works perfect and on top it can be a very helpful material for sumone working in this system, i appreciate the good work and hope to get some more. anything lyk this will b very helpfull.. carry on..
Reviews: 2
Xpert Tabs is a brilliant module which is quite easy to use and make the site more user friendly. I used this for my portfolio and the result is quite astonishing.
Reviews: 1
Easy to understand and use, simple yet elegant. I recommend everyone to give it a try.