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SJ Sticky Any Module Module

“SJ Sticky any Module “ it’s a new and innovative way to present all your modules on your website. This new concept give you the chance to display your modules in every point and corner of your website without limit. You can load any videoplayer module, slideshow module, menu module, news module and so on.

-options to allow setting up position of sticky
-option to write any custom position
-multiple module support
-css option to add new css to customize your sticky

-starting position(how your sticky should to be opened or closed on the start of your page)
-flip bar(option for show/hide toggle)
-text bar alignment
-bar text with color picker
-flip bar adjustments
-lots of icons for flip bar
-any text on your flip bar
-position your flip-bar
-9 effects for your close open sticky

-enable/disable jQuery

-flip-bar border radius
-flip bar font-size
-open/close on mouse hover
-padding option between module and flip bar

-now support every ie version

-close button added
-position of close button in each corner

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Reviews: 1
Very good product and support. The support team responded imediatlly and helped me to set-up the module because i was having some issue with other module conflict.
Reviews: 4
I really needed to find a module to do what SJ Sticky does, and right away I knew I made the right decision!

Easy to install and configure, and the support from SJ has been absolutely TOP NOTCH!

I appreciate these guys very much, they make great products and have excellent support!
Reviews: 2
Just recently purchased this plugin from SJ. I did look up what it took to create a module position in a template and seems like too much work.. Unless your a coder.It does exactly what it states.

I like this plugin because it is exactly what I am looking for for creating module positions w/o the hassle of coding. It does have a option for css to control the parameters which is a nice tool.

Definitely well worth the purchase and other items here in this site. Not to mention that SJ staff have been extremely helpful in customization of their products.

All the best,

Author - David A. Warner
Reviews: 1
This extension does exactly what it says it will do, and it is quite easy to configure (some knowledge about css might be handy, but not necessary).

I had some initial challenges getting the extension to work by only following the quick installation guide - but the support team was very helpful and quick in their response.

Note: To get the extension to work the SJ Sticky Any Module has to be set to published (on all/selected pages) in "debug" position (this is not explicitly described in the installation guide).

Great extension! Thanks!