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Jpanel Module

You can display any modules or article inside the jpanel and set the jpanel on any side of your website.

positions available: TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT

give a try you will love it!

version 0.9.3
- fixed latest FF compatibility
- added OPENED / CLOSED status on page load
version 0.9.2
- added update server for ONE-CLICK updates
- Code cleaning
- added support multilanguage
- added link to (with enable/disable option)
- small bug fixes
version 0.9.1
- JS code cleaning
- added functionality to toggle jpanel from external link
- better support for mobile devices
version 0.9
- bug fix in CHROME and IE
version 0.8:
- added better support for UTF-8 charset
- better management for many jpanels in one side
version 0.5:
- added option "button image"
- added option "button HTML"
- added option "button nothing"
- tweaked "z-index" of the jpanel

version 0.4:
- added compatibility for joomla 3.x
- added option to choose color for button text
- improved colorpicker

version 0.3:
- added support to multinstances of jpanel
- some little bugs fixed
- code cleaned

version 0.2:
- fixed a bug in the jquery load paramenter

version 0.1:
- first release

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Reviews: 1
Great extension! I need some help and contact developer, and get answer in few minutes!

Thank you very much!
Reviews: 43
This is an excellent extension for free!

It works well, and while there are lots of options available (such as using text or an image for the tab), it is easy to set up.

You have the choice of displaying an article or a module and can set the size of the window that slides out.

Thanks very much!
Reviews: 2
It's a very usefull extension but i thing what misses is a full height/width display feature and a center position for the clickable text/image. anyway thanks for the creation for this module!!!
Reviews: 13
Thanks for this wonderful extension and for making it free to use.
Reviews: 12
Clean installation and had it going in less than 20 minutes. Lets you have any module where you want it. I needed a pop-out module from the side of my website with a scroll bar and this worked beautifully on all browsers I work with, and the customization options are perfect. Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 2
What a clean little module. Easy to use and configure.

I struggled with the initial config, but it was only because of my lame brain and not enough coffee!

An email to the developer and within a few hours (time difference) he emailed me back, took a peek and told me what I had done wrong (which is obvious to anyone but this sleep-deprived person!)

This is now one of my must install modules.

I tried several others (a couple paid) and had conflicts with other elements. NOT with this one!
Reviews: 4
I like your module. Very easy to use. Thank you very much !!
Reviews: 2
this module is great, no conflict and very easy to use.
to be able to use more than 1 modules is great
thank you
Reviews: 34
code is clean and very professionnal. module itself is very powerfull a responsive version would be great but currently module is perfect
Reviews: 2
If I could give this extension 10 stars, I would.

I was working on a code to add to paste into my joomla index to do this exact thing, then I found this. This extension is VERY easy to set up, took less than one minute. I highly recommend this to anyone!
Reviews: 8
I have tried couple of extension and couldn't make them work.
this is the extension which i was happy to see work within seconds, works great, i recommend to everyone who wants to show some module or articles on the sides of the webpage.
Reviews: 5
I'm using this on my English sites, and it works flawlessly.
The only problem that downgraded it was incompatibility to other languages (it shows question marks instead of letters).
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this extension. This extension is easy to install and setup. I like it!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a nice floating module. I found it. Easy to instal, great exstension even better support.
Thanks, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this extension. This extension is easy to install and setup. I like it!
Reviews: 11
Well done. Nothing extra, everything works and is very logical. You win. Thanks.
Reviews: 9
Nice and very usefull
a must have for every one
thank you
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for this extension. I've been trying to find a way to load modules in a slide out and you've done it, with a lot more features and options than I could've ever asked for!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a module like this makes time to enjoy the spaces this side and fell from the sky! The module is great and the support is fast and efficient. Thank Girolamo!
Reviews: 1
Easy to configurate, this extension allows an original way to display modules and articles. Also, the support was very fast and effective.
Thank you Giro!
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