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SlideBar Module

Based off of MFSlideBar's already-powerful codebase, SlideBar 2.0 adds additional functionality to bring your site where it has never been before.

SlideBar 2.2 adds a sliding tab that holds modules to the side of your screen.

Why use a sliding bar? It saves you space on your webpage! Put content highlights inside of it, or weather, or login panes, contact panels, or ... any module at all inside of it to impress your viewers!

SlideBar allows for:
• Customizable themes
• Full CSS3 support (Including shadows, transparency through RGBA, and gradients)
• Retina (HiDPI) support
• Smooth transitions
• jQuery, MooTools, or Prototype JavaScript support
• Multiple SlideBars

** The download link has been updated to the latest version **

The original 1.5 extension can be found at:

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Reviews: 2
Help documentation does not exist and the administrative panel just guessed.
Too bad because the demo is very attractive.
Reviews: 1
I admit i had some touble setting it up because i didnt find any documentation but i mailed adam and he helped me.This is a great module and the fact that is free makes it more then excelent!Five stars from me!
Reviews: 4
The module is easy to use, but you have to know some about css style if you want to put it in your prefer position (right or left), well if you created your own template as I did. I just had to modify the PNG image to change message of the tag, and it's all. Thanks for the module, really nice work!
Reviews: 34
yes why looking for others modules panel, SLIDEBAR is perfect
a very good work from this developper, very powerfull and very usefull
thank you
Reviews: 16
Wonderful extensions, absolutely wonderful. Space has become an issue for modern websites and this saves you tons of it. Member Login module, UddleI Mmailbox module, Groups Module and others are now loaded into this Slidebar module with a very intelligent way of sliding in and out. Have read a few features for the next version and I honestly cant wait!!

Thank you Developer, absolutely satisfied customer.
Reviews: 41
This is a very tidy little module which, for free, does the job nicely. I'm using version 2.2 and I know the author (who was good enough to email me the extension and documentation when his website was down) really values feedback and is working on version 2.3. It took a little style the tab the way I wanted it, but the client is really happy with the results. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
Firstly I highly appreciate this extension because it is free.
I have tried, it worked well with "Target module position" as Custom HTML, it didn't work with other types.
Need small improvement for 5 stars :)
Reviews: 11
I would really like to give this 5 stars. It does work. It has taken me about 5 minutes to get it installed and working. It will look great once I have created my own template for it.


This was released too early. For a start all of the alternative templates produce an error when used. No biggie, I'll make my own, but others will find this a problem.

The documentation is bad. It isn't absent and it does lead you through the process, but I can see that less technically minded people (bear in mind what Joomla! was created for) will give up before they have it installed.

Technically I think it is nearly perfect. I would LOVE to see my content sliding out rather than being revealed, but I'll take this as a free extension. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
Why post a extension when nothing can be done with it! No documentation... You have a slider and that is it!
Owner's reply

Hello! I am sorry if you have been having trouble with SlideBar. While documentation is sadly unavailable right now (aside from the included "readme.txt"), it will be available within two weeks. For now, please contact me at and I would be more than happy to lend a hand in getting SlideBar set up on your site, you may even find it quite useful!

Reviews: 1
This is a great extensoin, BUT :

The instructions for this module are exceptionally vague. However, if you wish to place a Module into the slide bar it will be That Modules Position you place in the "Target module position" field of the SlideBar "Configure SlideBar" tab (J!3.0)

I only got this to work the once, but not again - even after clearing, purging and checking in!!!
Owner's reply

Hello! Would you mind sending me an email at I'd be more than happy to help you get SlideBar working again!