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JU Sticky Panel Plugin

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JU Sticky Panel helps to stick any element in your site, the sticked elements will be keep always visible when you scroll the page down.
You can use this plugin to stick module, menu, banner,...

- Set element to be sticky(use jQuery selector)
- Set top padding of sticky panel
- After detached css class so you can style the panel when it has been sticking
- Save panel space: Yes/No
- Parent selector
- Callback function to extend function of the plugin
- Enable/Disable page if you only want the panel sticked in just some pages.

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Reviews: 3
Needed to stick my navigation menu to the top of the browser when scrolling. JU STICKY PANEL did this with ease. Great product and easy to use. Thank you
Reviews: 4
If I were to knock this fantastic plugin for anything it would be the lack of documentation. Nonetheless the support forum is well attended and they are quite willing to work alongside you to resolve issues.

To get the most out of this you will need to understand css to utilise the over-rides.

The end result is stable, cross-browser compatible and solves a problem elegantly in the back-end without much fuss.