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Dinamod Tab Modules Module

Dinamod is a special extension to easily render modules in highly customizable tabs. Just install, define a new position for the tabs (default is "dinamod"), publish each desired module in that position and finally configure and publish mod_dinamods. Some featured options are:
• Showing the tabs on top or on the bottom
• onClik or onMouseOver selectable tabs
• Auto rotating within a certain time
• Customizing size, border, margins and each possible color

Version updates:
• 2.0.1: Google Analytics page tracker integration.
• 1.1: Possible "auto" width and height as suggested by Jadzia, Thank you!

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Reviews: 2
It is a great module, works brilliantly if u want to show your mods in a tab form...I mark it hundred by hundred :)
Reviews: 3
Works as described. No apparent javascript conflicts.
Reviews: 13
It's a bit finnicky to get to work at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty awesome and flexible.

The transition effect is simple and sleek, and the javascript library isn't too much of a hog. Good stuff!
Reviews: 6
very best . name your tabulator pos. and give this new pos. name to moduls and its working. go for it
Reviews: 7
After trying ten (literally ten!!!) modules to load modules into tabs finally came across this one! It's very good, easy to configure and let's you do some styling from the same module management screen.
Strongly recommended!!!
Reviews: 15
A really excellent module that solves allot of possible problems as well as allowing many options that are not available with just use of one module.
The best things in life come free...Very true with this!

Thanks guys, excellent piece of work!
Reviews: 3
This extension displays tabs in a nice and very configurable way.

However i'm giving 3 stars because the content of tabs (e.g. modules) either load very slowly after all the rest of the page has loaded, or sometimes don't load at all.

I've used the extension in 4 different Joomla sites on 2 different servers and all have the same problem.
Reviews: 7
I've just tried this, because I was not satisfied of the way the top modules were looking on my forum - in the case of the forum I chose not to have any column in order to give it more space so I've put 3 modules on top of it, but these had different heights due to their content, which didn't look very nice. Well, Dinamod solved the problem in a quite elegant way! And it's been easy to set up, within minutes it was done.
Reviews: 1
Incredible. I am a newbye en joomla 2.5 and found this extension. Now i show two modules in the same colum with two tabs. works perfectly, and documentation in page owner is vey useful and clear.

Thanks a lot, very good work
Reviews: 2
I have been very happy with this extension. I started using Dinamod Tab Modules on a joomla 1.6 site and have since migrated to 1.7 and 2.5 with no issues. The module was easy to install and configure. Overall, I think the module really enhanced my frontpage (as I was able to use 3 instances of the module to deliver more content in a constrained space). Thank you to the developer!
Reviews: 1
I want to thank the developers of this module. I have been using joomla for a long time and this is the easiest application I have ever used. It's like magic.
Thank you again
Reviews: 1
It was just what I was looking to have a module panel in my frontpage. And it's free!!
Reviews: 13
Quick to configure and got it to do what I needed without trouble. Thank you so much for developing this, and making it available for free!
Reviews: 1
Very good and working extension.

It's esay to install and customize, with many options.

A fade option can transform this extension in a 5+ stars.

Great Job, Thanks!
Reviews: 5
for unknown reason it didn't work at all
website url has # sign and obstruct loading
Reviews: 7
Very good extension. Easy to use & customize. I was very pleased to find it, it allowed me to have a calendar, newsletter links and an rss news feed all within one sidebar.

Seems to be pretty light weight too, but I guess that would partially depend on what type of content you wanted to load within the tabs.
Reviews: 1
First off, this is a great extension. It does exactly what the developer claims and does it well. Easy to install, configure and manage through Joomla Admin.

The only thing missing (from my perspective) is a fade transition when the content changes (either when the content is auto-rotated or a tab is clicked by the user). Right now, the content changes instantly. A fade from one content to the next would make this extension a home run.

If the developer reads this, I am willing to pay money for the addition of a fade transition. Please let me know if it's possible. thanks!
Reviews: 4
Not working for me. Module title is displayed but not the content. I was trying to include k2 content without any success. It works well with other modules but not working with k2 content module.
Reviews: 2
Hi, I have installed the module and it worked perfectly. However, along the way, it is now not working. Nothing is loaded in the module except the title. Tabs seems to be directed to #. Saw this problem in the forum but nobody has answered.
Reviews: 8
This module is easy to install and very configurable. And it doesn't conflict with other extensions.

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