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Dinamod Tab Modules Module

Dinamod is a special extension to easily render modules in highly customizable tabs. Just install, define a new position for the tabs (default is "dinamod"), publish each desired module in that position and finally configure and publish mod_dinamods. Some featured options are:
• Showing the tabs on top or on the bottom
• onClik or onMouseOver selectable tabs
• Auto rotating within a certain time
• Customizing size, border, margins and each possible color

Version updates:
• 2.0.1: Google Analytics page tracker integration.
• 1.1: Possible "auto" width and height as suggested by Jadzia, Thank you!

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Reviews: 4
Very Good extensions !!
i like it ..
thanks you bery much !!
Reviews: 8
This took all but a couple of minutes to have up and running. Very simple to have multiple modules occupying the same space on a site.

The added customization of the main module without having to edit the CSS is an added bonus and saved time.
Reviews: 1
I am still working on my first Joomla! website. Dinamod was perfect for making tabs to organize info like "About Us", "Directions", and "Local Links". No problems whatsoever. Thanks!!!
Reviews: 10
I decided to write this review because I really am satisfied with the performance of the module, mainly for one reason:
- It is 100% compatible with major browsers.
- It is the only module that is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer 8 browser. (I tested all modules tabs that are listed in JED and only this was compatible)
- Easy to install and very configurable.
Excellent module, I hope to have frequent updates.
Congratulations to the developers.
Thank you.
Reviews: 5
Easy to set up and implement with the added optional benefit of GA tracking.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to make it installed and configured. Very good to use.
Thanks to developer/s.
Reviews: 1
Great Module. Easy to setup and use.
Reviews: 1
Terrific and free! Woks flawlessly, and easy to use. I can add modules as tabs and control location of tabs vs content, have fixed or variable module size.

Would be nice to have these features to get it to next level:

1) Add support for sections/categories and direct article display (much like other tab modules), such as intro text, title in tabs, read more link, etc.
2) Add 3D look and few skins/CSS layouts
3) Add images to tabs
4) Fill up to rectangular shape (outer border), and have auto, fixed or even size tabs
5) Optional rounded corners, background images, etc.
Reviews: 2
I want to thank the developer(s) of this module for this excellent module. It is easy to set up, and very customizable. Thank you very much. You can put a module (e.g. Who's Online) inside the tab OR you can create a "Custom HTML" module and put text/pictures in there and put that module inside the tab. So you can get the look of articles in tabbed layout or simple modules inside tabs.
Reviews: 4
I don't have problem using this extension. Great stuff, congratulations !!
Reviews: 3
Thank you, this is the best Tabs module and l give you best rating.
Reviews: 2
I love it, works great, but what would really make this excellent is the addition of being able to have images for your tabs. I was able to hacks the code to allow me to do so, so not a big deal, but it would have been great if it was default. Thank you Varga!
Reviews: 1
Just downloaded this extension and it works as promised. Got it up and running within a minute. This saves valuable website real estate
Reviews: 2
Works great. Validate XHTML strict. Can be used for many purposes.
Reviews: 6
Excellent - works - easy to set up - really cutomisable - worked in IE6 - had to adjust css (just put a width in my template's css, in this case) - but no more trouble than IE6 is usually

Thanks to developers
Reviews: 2
Congratulations! This is one of the most easy, useful & efficient modules I have been seen.

It is a must

Pura Vida!

Reviews: 1
Great module but it doesn't work on IE6
Reviews: 2
definitely the very best tabs module.
Although it doesn't have any neat effects, it also loads very quickly and doesn't require mootools (although it can run with it too!)
thanks a million times to the developer for making this truly great work of art!
Reviews: 4
Excellent module... works fine until you try to use two “tab” modules in the same page, it will not work in internet explorer. One of them fails. I tried with “Dinamod tab” and“GK tabs”... Sorry my English. Nice work.
Reviews: 3
I really needed some tabs and had installed a template (that i really didn't like) just for this feature... but dinamod has set me free!!! This is a great must have.
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