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bgMAX Module

bgMax is a module that simplify the management of background images on your site.
The background image (defined or random) can grow depending on the size of the browser with optional fading effect, be repeated, appear during specific periods or by content.
The block with the content can be customized by size, color and transparency. CSS code can be further provided.
It is totally independent of the template, it just adds code to personalize your page by the template after generation.

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Reviews: 1
Just perfect, solved a client's desire to have same backround image size in all screen resolution. Also a paid plugin did nit solve my problem as BgMax did.
Great many thanks again
Reviews: 1
I just install this module on my page, and this just work great, I've no trouble at all to make this work, an excellent job, and very helpfull, at least for me, thanks.
Reviews: 1
It took me 2 mins to install and make it work!
Great extension, now my background looks great even from my phone!
good work bg
Reviews: 1
This mod is very well put together, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is very powerful as well. However I recently upgraded from the older Joomla 1.5, to the 2.5 and this mod sayts that it works with 2.5, and it does, but I have had one slight issue with the recent install. But the Background rendering works like a charm, the issue I have had is the opacity parameter, and I am sure they will get it fixed soon, lots of developers still aren't even as far along as this with getting their mods compatible with 2.5, so I really feel that are staying on top of it, and the best part is it is FREE!. I will be donating to their cause because it is that good. I definitely think everyone should use this. And the opacity thing will work itself out. So just download it, and try it out, then get back over here and leave a review.
Reviews: 2
Very nice module, easy too use.
Just a little bemol, it would have perfect with a background image slideshow.
Thanks a lot to the developper.
Reviews: 1
Great module. One future fix should be to add posibility to create a real slideshow of random images in selected folder.
Reviews: 6
This does everything you'd imagine to do with a background. :) I really enjoy this little extension. Great work!
Reviews: 2
This is the best module I've used and really solved the problem for Joomla background images under different menu items...

Awesome work!!! 100% support...
Reviews: 1
That is easy to use. Great works. Thank a lot
Reviews: 7
I've been making joomla sites with fullscreen background for the last couple of years and always had to either use either "handmade" solutions or buy templates with such feature but with very bad styling. In every case it forced me to spend a lot of time customizing the site.
With this module, not only everything works, but also it runs flawlessly in most templates from the major clubs (RT, JA,...).
A true lifesaver.

I would rate it 6 stars :-)
Reviews: 5
Great module! I was going to give it a good rating since the documentation is written in French, but via Google translate, I was able to get what information I needed to set it up. Therefore it deserves an EXCELLENT rating. Being able to have one background for my home page and then another for all other pages - this solved a major problem I was having with a site rebuild. Thanks for the contribution to the Joomla modules and for your time on this Loïc MARTIN (lomart). I am sure in time I will find many more great uses for this module.
For those that need it, here is the translation:
Reviews: 1
Get this now. Get back here and leave a comment. Officially the first extension I have been compelled to review. What can I say. Works like you would expect as far as getting it up and running. Only then, when you realize how powerful this extension is you will bust.
Reviews: 2
Thanx for this excellent job, just awesome and the first module can change background!!!
Tested (and approuved) with Joomla 1.6 and T3 Framework ;)

A lot of Thanx!!!
Reviews: 3
Nice module, I have tested on Joomla 1.6
There is only an error in file helper.php that doesen't allow to center the image in bottom.

The error is that is written "Botoom" instead of "Bottom". Than it works!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your encouragement and your return.
I just made the correction, a stupid mistake.

Reviews: 2
the first module for managing background image for your site.
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