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Fun Supersized Module

You want to create a slideshow background.
Supersized is the best choice.
All For Coding have integrate supersized into a module

I need somebody help me out to translate this module into other languages (Germany, Italian, French, ...).
If anyone want to help, please let me know.
Thanks very much!
Fix compatible with Joomla 3.0

Add Portuguese Translation
Thanks Luís Neto for the Portuguese Translation

Modify Spanish Translation
Add French Translation
Thanks Grupo CAB Team for the Spanish and French Translation

Add Hungarian Translation (some still not translate)
Thanks Horváth László for the Hungarian Translation

Fix German translation
Fix image path bug in SEF link
add German Translation
Thanks Giorgio Guzzi for the German Translation

Hot fix for install module bug.

Allow to list the background slideshow images in order with the slide show list file.
Add the control bar for the background slideshow now the Fun Supersized module have all the feature of the supersized script
Using latest supersized script v3.2.6
Continue thanks Dennis Buis for helping to translate this extension into Dutch.
Thanks Juan Arias for helping us to translate this extension into Spanish (some still not translate)

v1.0.1 have added Dutch language Translation.

Thanks Dennis Buis for helping us to translate this extension into Dutch

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Reviews: 1
This is really a great extension! If you are using Artisteer to make templates, just go to template.css, and delete the background of the art-main, it is the third line of template.css, and that way you have enabled this module.
Reviews: 3
I would have given 5 stars but unfortunately have had a lot of grief (still am, by the way)trying to make required adjustments to iPhones. I couldn't get any support because the developer who is in Vietnam is unable to visit my website.
If there was some documentation, I believe the mess I'm in would probably been prevented.
Reviews: 2
I installed the extension, but it does not go underneath all as on your demo. It wont go under header and footer.
Otherwise it works out of the box
Reviews: 2
Very good & easy to use module. Would be even better if you could choose an Easing method, but even without that it's worth the five-star review :-)
Reviews: 2
Very good module but I have really important problem - I can't find any information where to find Sample File of Slide List ? I would like to add some titles (like your demo). It would be fantastic if you add the possibility to adding titles in the module.
Reviews: 1
I think this works very well and I believe that the publisher has provided a great tool for an even greater price. P.S I think the Demo is nice and not crappy. Keep up the great work I really appreciate it!
Reviews: 2
very cool module, look very good and so simple to instal and activate.
But, if I browse my website, I can't see anything except the background slidshow.
if you have anysolution for this please help cause I very like this extension.
Reviews: 14
Outstandig; and simple to set up. Just a recommendation; be more specific in a visible part on the need to set position to any choice.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the module, installed it, uploaded images and configured my preferences. It took just a few minutes and it was working without issue. I don't do a lot of ratings but for a product like this I wanted to show my support. IT'S GREAT!
Reviews: 2
Nice job guys, it works like a charm on Joomla 3.0
Reviews: 4
The CMS says it has not been able to find the configuration XML file Joomla. It took me almost 20 minutes registrándome, convinced that served to Joomla 3 as it says in the compatibility. In addition to delayed registration, are very confusing to download files and store system with ends confusing you.
Owner's reply

We've just updated the module.
Now it is compatible with Joomla 3.0.
Please check and test.

Reviews: 20
After spending hours coding "manually" with no success, test this great module and got perfect results! No js conflict, no bugs, no missing functions. Just worked as expected. Thanks so much to the developers for this very great and effective module.
Reviews: 1
My problem is that the module working only in one page associate with menu item. in the others is not working.. i asked help since 2 weeks and i didn;t take an answer yet.
Reviews: 5
It's good but not perfect
Need to be able to use the contents and categories.
Identify Joomla gallery & Gallery phoca Pictures and make use of that's Categories.
Reviews: 41
Does the job very nicely thanks, just ignore the totally unreasonably review by nordnord. There are issues and the developer isn't too helpful to be honest, but they are not caused by his extension, more the templates div CSS background and jQuery issues. All in all, took about 10 minutes (including uploading images) from start to finish.

P.S. Was a bit of a fiddle getting the path right, but images/background/ worked - I'm sure you can work out what folder I created...
Reviews: 14
I encountered some problems after installation of the module because of the dynamic template I use. I contacted the developer and got a quick reply with excellent support. Module works perfect and does exactly what it says it does!
Reviews: 1
This is Probably the Worst extension on JED! No documentation whatsoever, extension doesn't work, all it shows is the loading image on my Joomla 2.5 site without showing the actually background images! and when other users brought this same issue up, the developer couldn't even answer or give a solution to the problem. That shows the developer doesn't know what he or she is doing! I'm wondering how this useless extension made it into JED btw!
Owner's reply

All the features of the module is in the parameters. also we have the description about each parameter. So this module is easy to install and use. don't need to have any document.
In your review you said you only see a loading image on your site. It is maybe your site template or 3rd party extensions have a jquery or something that conflict with our extension.
"and when other users brought this same issue up, the developer couldn't even answer or give a solution to the problem." We didn't receive any complain about our extension, if we have we also can solve it our. Can you give us evidence about the problem that we can not give the users a soluion. Also we don't receive any contact from you about your problem.
Please contact us here or send us an email.
so we can help you fix the problem.

Reviews: 5
-sleek thumbnail mouseover
-keyboard control

- Connect to articles & K2
- use flickr, Picasa
- diagonal line overlay over images

Overall I chose this for an image slideshow that WONT connect to articles. The design is great.
Reviews: 3
I had integrated Supersized in Joomla myself some time ago and also tried some other supersized extensions before, but this one is by far the best. The integration of Supersized in Joomla is done very efficiently and elegantly. It also supports the newest version of Supersized.
Excellent job done!
Reviews: 4
I love supersized and usually I have to implement it myself through jumi or sourcerer.... but this is the first extension Ive found that handles all aspects of supersized that I need. Great work. Thanks!
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