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SW Tubular ModulePlugin

This module allows you to run YouTube video as a background of your web site. It has few parameters that allow you to control on which pages to display the video.
Setup: Install the module, go to Extensions->Module Manager, open it, enable it and enter the following minimum data:

- YouTube Video ID: This is for example here, the bold part of
- Enter the ID of the top container of your Joomla template (varies based on the template). Just view the source of your web site, and see the first div id (i.e. ) ja-wrapper

We have included in the package one plugin that will load jQuery library if it is not loaded already by another plugin or component.

Update history:
v1.8.1 - 20.12.2012
[^] Fixed bug with the repeat function

v1.8.0 - 3.11.2012
[+] Added Joomla! 3.0 support

04.10.2012 - Added "Repeat" option - you tube video can repeat after end
04.10.2012 - Added "Mute" option - you can mute the sound of the video
04.10.2012 - Added "Start at" option - can select from which second to start the video
12.06.2012 - Youtube video now plays within Iframe, instead of an Object tag.

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Reviews: 5
I have very simple site with white background, but after installing this module now looks pretty nice.

I had some problems with jQuery, but Thor from StyleWare team helped me and now it's fine!

Reviews: 7
This extension is great and the support is even better. I had to contact them because it didn't work at first. Needed a bit of tweaking because my template was hiding the video. The told me exactly what to change and now I can do it completely on my own. Special shoot out to Thor (very cool name btw :) ), thanks again!
Reviews: 9
I bought this and couldnt get it to work but after leaving the details of my problem on the forums and giving admin access to "Thor" the issue was resolved with a couple of hours.
The affect on a transparent template with this module really does give the website a really different feeling.

Really happy with the end result.

Reviews: 1
BEWARE. This product is poor and the vendor is rude. They do business in a way totally different to the one we have in Western Europe. The module is sold as COMMERCIAL but is completely unsuitable for COMMERCIAL website as it displays google adds on the video as well as big youtube logos that cannot be disabled. There are better implementations and better codes for youtube video background that do not display adds and google logos and gives you clean video background (check EKHO template on themeforest or you may be able to find something else). Do not waste you money and nerves with this seller as they do not provide refunds even when the problem is clearly explained to them.
Owner's reply

Ads are displayed by YouTube. If you are the owner of the video, you can disable these. We never advertised the extension to be able to hide ads. This is a negative review for a feature that the user requires as a custom work AND WAS NEVER ADVERTISED. We also provided the solution to not display the ads within about one hour. However it was too late. The user didn't want it to work, he wanted it for free.

The user started a PayPal claim in less than one hour after purchase and without giving us any chance to make corrections or to provide fix. He also threatens us to "leave bad review in JED", if we don't refund him immediately. This was a pure example of friendly fraud. I would suggest anyone having to deal with that user to be very careful, as he is one of those people trying to abuse the system and use other's work for free.

Reviews: 1
With this module, i find the perfect solution to enhance my video in the frontpage of my website. After some parameter adjustement, the SW Team was so close and quickly responsive to my forum questions : very serious and professional. I recommand this small acquisition to everyone who want to give a fresh video experience to their webfollower.