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Background Styler Module

Add a custom background image to any block level element, or display a random image. This module makes it easy to add background styles to your page, or one or more elements. Choose either a single background image, or let a randomizer rotate it.

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Reviews: 14
Very nice little free extension that allowed me to set random full screen backgrounds. Took 2 minutes to get working.
Reviews: 21
Works out of the box. Thanks. Hope you adapt it for J3.
Reviews: 1
... its easy to implement. But it doesn't work in joomla 3... not for me at least. When i try it, I get nothing on my webpage.
Reviews: 2
had some problems figuring what exact module position is for my template bg, but when i did works and looks great
random images everytime is great option for visuals of the website!
Reviews: 2
I have Joomla 2.5 and the back-end on this is a little messed up. The basic options has boxes overlapping the text and you can't see whats going on!
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much! I've tried like a thousand different modules, this is the only one that worked from day 1! My main problem was the module position, which here isn't a problem at all. A million thank you's!