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Background Gallery Pro Module

Background Gallery Pro is a Joomla module based on the fabulous Supersized jQuery plugin. Supersized is a full screen background slideshow with lots of options. It will give your Joomla site a lot of appeal and give your users an amazing experience.

Look at all the features!

Multiple Galleries
Gallery Controls
Show/Hide Gallery Controls
Image Description
Arrow Navigation
Loading Graphic
Multiple Transitions (including random)
Image Scaling
Image Protection
Dot Navigation
Image Count
Image Link
Progress Bar
Image Pre-loading
Keyboard Navigation
Performance Settings

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Reviews: 2
This is the best option i had paid for a rotating background. Despite there are free alternatives, this extenson is exactly what i needed for my project, than is a commercial site for showing a handbags collection.

Is easy to customize and suits very well to se it as a simple slideshow or a good way to make something diffeent to our site's background.

Like we say here is money well spent.

It is very intuitive even for the most inexperienced joomla user.
Reviews: 4
I've used this template for a couple of school websites. They like to show off their school activities in the background of the pages. Lots of features, looks great, simple to setup.
Reviews: 7
Overall a good solution to integrate the famous SuperSized jquery gallery. It works as intended, so why do i rate it just 4 Stars? Because there are different alternative solutions available. Also a free one! And there is a similar product on module basis, which has some extra parameters not found in the original script, AFAIK.

I guess, Pros & Cons may vary on each personal application... so, the following are my own experiences and needs.

You can assign the Plugin to certain MenuItems. It seems to offer all current SuperSized features.

Because it is a plugin, you can't use multiple instances. Therefor, you can only use it with one configuration! i.e. 1 image source folder. Or 1 flickr gallery. A module solution would be more versatile, because you could use different folders and different modes!

Currently no PNG overlay as default or optional parameter.

If you just need one instance, or you see another technical benefit in the plugin architecture, than buy it. I have to admit, that the support is kind and listening. More features might be included in the future.
If you need multiple and different display modes on one site, you might checkout a module-based version.
If you want to try SuperSized, without paying a buck, than lookout for a free version in this extension category ;-)
Owner's reply

We listened to our customers needs, including this one and we now offer this extension as a module as of July 2012. It just made more sense. Now you can have multiple galleries on your site. There are free solutions, but we offer full support and free upgrades for a year.