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Responsive Background Slideshow Module

The eXtro Responsive Background Slideshow Extended (aka E.R.B.S.E.) is a universally CSS3 based background image slideshow. Due to that no JavaScript is needed (original effect only), you can save ressources in data transfer as well as in the users frontend.

The eXtro Background Slider is available in these languages:

English, German, Czech, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Serbian (L & C), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (pt-BR), French, Croatian, Persian/Farsi (fa-IR), Romanian, Bosnian, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Danish

The Responsive Background Slideshow comes with different image animation effects, the duration of each slide can be defined as well as zoom and tilt of the slide image (original effect). Additionally, a caption can be created per slide which can be faded by various animation styles in front of the image. The captions font type, size and color can be defined as well.

Best results can be achieved by using a template which allows to completely fade out the main content, or if you use a template with partially transparent background. The eXtro Responsive Background Slideshow can be published in any
module position, but for best results, we recommend using a background position with low HTML nesting to reduce unwanted side effects.

For best results, we recommend using FullHD images at miniumum.

*** NEW in Background Slider V1.1.0 - V1.7.1 ***
- New feature : image animation duration of 0 produces a freeze frame
- New feature : pattern image can now be selected in backend, or use no pattern image
- New feature : added a module class suffix, add your own class to the module
- added czech, spanish, chinese (simplified), greek, serbian (cyrillic and latin), dutch, polish, portuguese, french, danish, croatian, persian/farsi, chinese traditional, romanian, bosnian, swedish, finnish, hungarian, russian and italian language files.
- You can now use up to 50 images / pictures
- overridable
- Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 and J3

***** MAJOR UPDATE TO Background Slider V2.0.0 *****
This brand new release adds a BUNCH of new effects: we've added over 25 new effects and still retained compatibility with versions < 2.0.0
The default number of images is now 10.

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Reviews: 1
looks great
lots of features
easy to configure

sometimes a bit hard to find the right module position, but support always helps very quickly.

Many thanks for this great extension, absolutely deserves 5 stars.
Reviews: 2
I bought this module because I liked the idea of having an animated background on my site.

Asked their support for help on how to add it to my site, and in no time, they did the job.

They even explained to me how to do it if I wanted to try it myself in another website.

Thanks for making this module and for providing fast and friendly support!
Reviews: 1
I need a adjustment for the Background Slider, they helped me and fixed my issue. Thanks for that professional and nice service!
Reviews: 3
Thank you for this great extension and for the fast and friendly support!!!
Reviews: 4
I needed a module that would display a zooming slideshow in the header div of my responsive page. The Responsive Background Slider is intended mainly for the entire page background, but the answer to my question on the author's support forum indicated that it is possible to use it also for specific divs by making a few small changes.

After I purchased the module I immediately opened a support ticket, and it was responded to within a very short time with a good explanation on what changes needed to be done. A couple of simple changes on a few lines in the module's php file made the trick, and the module now works beautifully on the header of my page.

The support for this component is fast and proffessional.

A highly recommended module!
Reviews: 1
This is a beautiful, versatile and easy to use extension. It pushed my latest project to the next level at once.
Double "thumbs up" for the great technical support!!! They put great effort in helping me with some special wishes and modifications. Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Extension beautiful and functional, I had a small problem but I have quickly responded and helped in a few hours! really efficient
Reviews: 7
The module works very good, this is what I was looking for. Thanks to it I can create beautiful websites with changing photo backgrounds.
Reviews: 1
If you want to make your website oustanding - use this module. Fantastic functionallity, easy to implement and easy to configure. Even I had a very special request for a specific feature - was done in a few hours - excellent support. Thank you for that!
Reviews: 2
Really awesome module, the page looks more alive and much more attractive. Only for a few Euros. And even though I had some problems with making it work, the helpdesk responded fast, and came up with the solution. 5 stars from me.
Reviews: 11
Thanks for this Module! I use it for 1 Month and I think it is very cool. In this time I have no problem with this module. Nice!
Reviews: 5
If you want to have a nice animated background on your site, you can't make anything wrong with this module, all kinds of sites will just look better.
Just select your background images and save (default settings will produce a nice tilt/zoom effect), that's all - the module does the rest, and it does it good!

The best part about this module: No matter if you want to create a animated background slideshow with zoom/tilt effects, or if you just want to have a static background image - all in between is possible, just play around with the settings.

Thanks for this fantastic module.
Reviews: 2
Before buying this, I tried bgmax and was just about to buy some other junk... Thankfully I stumbled upon this module and my job was done in seconds! Works great with my Artisteer based templates as well as with my JAT3 based ones. Fast, cheap and effective...

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Module gives the website a nice touch.
Nice module for responsive templates.
Fast support when needed!
Reviews: 42
Nice page background image module. Useful that you can use a pattern or seamless texture as background also, great feature. Nice Ken Burns effect (some photos almost appear 3D) Support has been timely, friendly and effective.
Thanks guys at Extro Media. Nice job!