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Blank Component was made to make it possible for Joomla! Admins to create a menu item page that contains only modules and no component.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Reviews: 7
Great idea, but could not get it to work on 2.5.

Seems indistinguishable from publishing empty HTML as far as I can see. Instead of no article, I just get a blank article. (Yes, I did suppress breadcrumbs for that page.)
Reviews: 13
Still had an empty output, same as using an empty category or article.
Issues with category redirecting and window title = "blank component".
Useful, but not in any cases. Need improvement, please.
Reviews: 1
I had an unknown problem on Joomla2.5 redirect manager. It didn't change URL somehow. I've realised this component is trigger the issue. As soon as I got rid of this component joomla URL redirection manager worked correctly.
Reviews: 1
This simple and easy to use extension solved a major problem I was having. I had built a new website whereby the homepage had no articles (modules only) a result I had needed to disable the system output in my template. However in doing this the Joomla Smart Search feature wasn't showing any results on the homepage because I had disabled the system output!

Within 60 seconds of discovering and installing this fantastic extension, I was able re-enable the system output for the homepage and point my home page's menu item to the blank component instead (thus allowing the smart search results to display on the homepage)!
Reviews: 12
Saved me .5Mb and .25 second on my page load size & time over linking to an empty article or using an empty iframe. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Great component, simple and very useful, why not in Joomla! Core yet? I've some problem installing (not appear in menu item type list) but I solved reprogramming in MVC model.
Reviews: 9
This is something that is essential to have in any Joomla! website. It's makes easier to make my website look like I want to in specific areas. Some areas just need modules and this makes that possible!
Reviews: 3
This component is very useful to create a page without articles, very simple to use. I wonder how come this was not included originally in Joomla!
Reviews: 1
Extension easy to install and use, have found that I still have a single empty component box showing. Change template settings "Show System Output" to no and it disappears however you can no longer have other components visible.

Not sure if its component or template related. Template provided by Yootheme.
Reviews: 3
No words can describe this! Simply, effective and it fits everything I needed! I was searching forums, asking question, friends and somehow I googled this component and made my day! Im finally able to load non-component homepages!

Thank you again! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 14
Well, it's perfectly empty, no problems in Joomla 1.5, 1.7 or 2.5 when I've used it.
Reviews: 2
I am sure a lot of people have wished for an extension like this but did nothing about it because it appears too simple.
Kudos to the author for taking the lead on this. It is a tidier way of creating a blank page that allows you more flexibility in designing your Joomla pages.
Works well, straight and simple! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
It works like a charm.

The only thing I would add to this component is the option to related the component to a category, for other components and modules that may be inside the Blank Module and use this information to work properly.

Other than that, awesome Job
Reviews: 1
Joomla has this annoying habbit of needing your homemenu to link to a component (rather that a module or something). With this extension I finally got my homepage to look exactly how I wanted to, by being able to make the most out of my template and without this home-menu getting in my way.
Thanks a great lot!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this component. It's very useful, because some pages contains only modules, no components (like articles).

Such blank component should be included in Joomla core. Strange it isn't.
Reviews: 1
Its simple and helpfull for beginners.
Thank you, Omar :)
Reviews: 3
This solved a major problem for me where I just wanted a single login page that would serve as the canvas page for a Facebook app. Installed perfectly, and did exactly what I wanted. Thanks very much for this.
Reviews: 22
Brilliant idea, nice work..
Keep the good work please..
||suggestion: how a bout adding features to include/bridge external pages?
Thank you.
Reviews: 9
perfect for when you want to post a module by itself on a page without an article. I gave it 4 stars for lack of 1.6 support.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review,

however, lack of support for 1.6 is not a drawback, it just means that i haven't made one yet. you could have voted 5/5, and sent me an email asking me for v1.6, that would have been much nicer.

Reviews: 1
Downloaded and it makes a lot of sense especially when you want to customize a page without articles or any other component. It works well on my site.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the great review :)

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