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Popper Module

Popup module which can be used to create a transparent popup of another inset or newsflash module and a transparent overlay of the entire page. Both transparencies (the page overlay background and the actual popup) can be easily modified. This module has various transparency parameters for various browsers. This module can be used to display text, video, mp3 players or any other desired module. It is sizable and can be set to run for specific periods of time.

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Reviews: 2
This extension does just fine in what it promises. Its features are simple but potential. However, the Cookie feature of SET is not working correctly, activate the popup comes once and never comes out again, even if transurrido the time set in the box: cookee time. The developer also offers a professional version that sells, but in any specific place which new or improved features of the extension.
Reviews: 5
Set it up in 2 minutes. Easy to change colours. Great instlal instructions. Thanks!
Reviews: 54
Hi Dear Developer.

I just used this on a clients website. Thanks very much for the clear instructions. Setting this up was very easy and the module offer lot's of features to customize the effects.

Perfect Rating! Thank you
Reviews: 1
I try the extension to popup custom module. But I found out I could popup video, popup music and popup any other module.

It working easily in Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

For me wanting to make a point and click website because don't know coding too good this was easy with the module.

Thank you for being generous with time and effort. I like programmers who give and help me for free.

Thanks you,
Reviews: 1
1) If you want the close button to actually work (or even appear) on SOME browsers, you need to edit code.

2) If you want the close button to work (or even appear) on any browser that has disabled javascript, your screwed (essentially, all Firefox browsers, minimally)

So unless you want half your visitors to NOT have the option to close the popup box, and wait for the box to disappear, this is a great module. I know I would just leave the page though as a visitor.

If this is all okay with you, this module works great and is easy to set up.
Owner's reply

The truth is, a tiny percentage have Javascript disabled. Yes, it uses Javascript. The good news is that the 3-4% who disable javascript won't be affected. But, please don't run negativity to the 97% majority or so who do use it.

Where did you get half the visitors numbers? Please refrain from publishing falsehoods; especially knowingly...if that is the case.

On older module versions, the url for the image includes www which could make the close button disappear on wamp; but I explained several times in the forum how to fix that...and the new Popper Pro versions for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 have new Javascripts, many templates and work seamingly with wamp.

Finally, my Forum has received more than 24 issues and most people walk away very satisfied.


Reviews: 3
I installed the overlay Popper Module for Joomla 1.5 in my site. I like it a lot, it is quite exactly what I wanted, the only difficulty was to configure the "close button". The image appears, but it does not work.I think it could be easier...
Owner's reply

You did not give me a chance to answer the forum question before you made this review. Hmmmm.

I have used it on many sites and with about 7000 downloads your situation is unique. Since it shows up and I have seen it used on many servers, I can confidently say the Javascript close button works.

In your case (since it displays) I would move the Joomla installation and database to different server and test, then comment on what you see?


Reviews: 7
I have got to say the same...
Brilliant, brilliant extension!
I was was looking for a poup wich is appearing and leaving order to publicate some times frases...with advertisement.
It doesn,t takes space on the page, even it is on a modul position. It is suuuuper easy to configurate. and it works great! To cut a long story short, try it will love as i do
Thanks for great job!
Reviews: 2
Brilliant, brilliant extension!
I spent all night trying out modules and plugins and I finally found something that works perfectly!
I wanted something to invite people to subscribe and it works great!
Thanks and great job!
Reviews: 4
Pretty good module except you are unable to really place the module on your page... the issue is module will float around the screen when viewed on different resolution monitors...

Hopefully the developer will look to incorporate this feature in future release's...
Owner's reply

This module was built to be a popup with a distance from the top of the page, not the bottom. However, as your postings in my forum indicate that you may have limited CSS knowledge, I went out of my way and made the popper module do as you wanted and had posted that in my forum......after you had made this comment due to possible frustration for not having the 'know how' to do it yourself...which was a minute tweak. Then you had appreciated that I offered free the solution for free. I had to post this reply since it was misleading and it was an interpretation for a time sequence....not the entire help session.

Reviews: 9
I wanted an extension that would display client testimonials in a popup window that would disappear after 15 seconds. This extension was perfect for what I needed and it works great! I was able to set the size of the window, the timing and also change the background color. I had some trouble getting the module to work at first, contacted the developer and his support was awesome...he walked me through every step. Thank you for your good work!
Reviews: 7
I tried almost all free extensions but this one was the perfect one for me needs wright now.

I would recommend this extension to everyone.

The only think i didn't find was the overlay transparency... maybe in some update.
Owner's reply

The overlay is very small GIF or png file located in the tmpl/images folder. I have upgraded the popper module and have various templates made. You will be able to choose custom colors (with hex code) and styles like rounded corners, drop shadows and slight angles. Glad you like it.