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SplashR Module

Display a completely configurable splash page on your site. SplashR offers configurable frequency, autohide duration, and destination URL for a complete splash page solution. Splash pages can appear on every page load, once per session, or once per a configurable number of days.

New in version 1.1 for Joomla 1.6/1.7 - By popular request - a Squeezebox modal option in addition to fullscreen splash.
Version 1.2 - added ability to prevent skip in modal view, as well as ability to use "null" to remove the title text from the fullscreen view.

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 7
The plugin does work but it isn't configurable enough for me.

One is stuck with the top bar wether one wants to have skip enabled or not and sometime the bar remains once the main site is entered.
Owner's reply

I'd like to see that "bar remains" issue in action. Please contact me so I can get that issue resolved.

Reviews: 1
It is working in all browsers but its now working in IE8 and IE7 also .
Owner's reply

Works fine on my vanilla IE7 and IE8 test systems. You should contact me directly.

Reviews: 3
After trying some corner banners and other banner solutions, i've installed SplashR and is really simple to install and simple to configure and to use
Thank you!
Reviews: 2
This was really easy to set up and use. It worked great on my site. Try it and you will see its worth a donation!

With a few little tricks to the article that I am using and it will be really cool.

You should add a commercial version with some bells and whistles.
Owner's reply

I'm happy to add bells and whistles (suggestions?), but I don't do commercial versions. It's like a philosophy or something...maybe it's a syndrome :)

Seriously though, it gives me great pleasure to create useful extensions and provide them for free.... I benefit from donations, certainly, but I benefit more from the public code examples. My potential clients get to see examples of my work and the good reviews (thank you).

Reviews: 8
I combined this with a simple image carousel extension to create a Flash-less Splash page for one of my clients - works very well! I'd add the Lightbox (or other modal popup) request so that the transition to and from the splash page can be controlled more.

One more thing to add to the wish-list is to separate out the presentation and follow an MVC model, so that I've got a bit more control via HTML overrides. At the moment, if I want to make a change to the output HTML file, I have to edit code within the mod_splashr.php file itself which, next time I apply an update I'll have to remember to do again.

And I'm sure it's a typo, but the container div id is currently named 'slashpage' - unless those are kind of web sites you work on, obviously ;)

Overall though, a very nice extension to use.
Owner's reply

Native Joomla SqueezeBox modal has been added in the J1.6 version.

Reviews: 4
in my case i've got a splash page with 2 links at the bottom- one going directly to the actual website and the other going to my ticket page... of course neither works - they keep looping you to the splash page... wish there was a way for this feature to be active... great module though...

Owner's reply

you'll need to use javascript to create your links because this is an iframe and href targets are deprecated.

...href="#" onclick="window.parent.location='/path/to/dest.html'"...

Reviews: 1
Installed it, Enabled it and boom. there is is, Only thing missing is a lightbox. Other than that i gave it 5 stars execellent module.

PS please Incorporate the Light Box effect
Owner's reply

Lightbox version has been created, and will be released very shortly (after a little more testing)

Reviews: 2
Good Good Good Good

I made a donation!!
Reviews: 26
This worked perfectly for me, I'm rebranding my business and needed to have a way to inform my site visitors that there was a new site, but didn't want to adversely affect the rankings of the original site either.

Does what it says on the tin, and being able to have the content article without site styling is another nice feature.

Lightbox would be a nice addition but it works just fine as it is.
Owner's reply

Yours is the second request I've had for Lightbox. I will be adding it to the next release.

Reviews: 2
Works easy and straight forward. I used it to splash an article from the same site. It shows the article like it should and then forwards to the page you navigated to in the first place at a configurable time. The downside is that it does not really splash! Instead it shows just the configured url. I would have expected a lightbox in your face kind a splash, but this works for me!
Owner's reply

Lightbox, not a bad idea. That may be an option in the next version.

As far as it not really being a splash, there isn't really a defined standard for what a splash is supposed to be. I chose this method because it is SEF (this method is invisible to search engines).

Annoy your users, not your PageRank.

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