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Fancy Popup Module

Lightbox style popup for Joomla. It is an extremely useful and versatile module allowing you to put any article, module or both into a lightbox style pop-up.

The pop-up can triggered in three different ways.

* A popup triggered by a menu item
* A popup that appears when a user visits a menu item
* A popup that appears when a user clicks on a manually created content link

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Reviews: 1
Purchased this to use on client's site, my 67th Joomla site so I am far from a novice Joomla user.

Simply cannot get it to work the documentation that is provided makes so sense.

As per usual ended up resorting to a free plugin after paying for a commerical one that doesn't work and no support is offered my mistake and one I will not be repeating.

Do yourself a favour and don't bother
Reviews: 2
I purchased this extension a week ago. The instructions to set it up are very limited (a quick search of the forum will show a number of people with setup problems, where it simply does not work for them).
I posted to their support forum 7 days ago, and emailed their support email addresses 3 times over the last week, but have received no help at all.
For a commercial product, I find the the complete absence of support unacceptable.
I am sure there are users for whom this just works OK - if so fine. But if you need support or help, then my experience is that you can forget it.
Reviews: 6
I would have liked a browser session setting, so that the module only pop-ups onload [if set] once per session.

Otherwise fine tight product. I see other possibilities for our sites.
Reviews: 3
I had a problem with downloading the module but after I have contact the developer via e-mail the reply was fast! Easy to install and configure and best of all it have a moderate price! Keep the good work thnx!
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for a popup that would allow a 3rd party module to be intalled inside it - CB Login with Facebook Connect.

Fancy Popup fit the bill. Amazingly affordable.

The documentation was well defined, but my unique circumstances needed to go beyond the documentation.

Joomace took me as far as they could go on the support forum, then took over in my Joomla backend to fix my issue.

Amazing support - I can't recommend Joomace highly enough - awesome!
Reviews: 1
Great module and the only module I have found that supports Articles in popups.

But the real winner here is anyone that needs support with this module, in my 15 years in the IT field, I have NEVER had support as amazing as

Spent the money (its very little) and you wont be disappointed in the Fancy Popup or
Reviews: 1
This truly is a great module, does exactly what it advertises. It's very compact, but powerful. I had some issues getting it to work, because it was so easy I was thinking way to hard. Luckily their support team went up and beyond to help me out. If I had to I'd get this plugin again, and plan on doing repeat business with this developer. A+
Reviews: 1
This module was exactly what I needed. Love the flexibility to display either an article or a module inside the popup which makes this thing very powerful.

I needed some support to implement and developer was quick, thorough, and accessible. Amazing support!

WIll find a million uses for this module for sure.
Reviews: 1
All I can say is wow! Users never have to leave the page now. It works in all the browsers I've tested.