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Thickbox+ for Joomla Plugin

J!1.5/1.6/2.5-native multi-plugin to display modal windows for any type of content, like:

* inline content,
* images,
* web pages,
* image galleries or
* web galleries (aka web tours).

Uses Joomla's native motools lib, pimped with smoothbox and slimbox.

For details on usage and demos see demo page.

v.3.2: Bugfixes (charset issues)
v.3.1: Bugfixes, slimbox updated for mootools 1.3+ compatibility
v.3.0: native J!1.6.x-version
v.2.0: Gallery from images folder enabled, thumbnail creation enabled
v.1.3: Opera issue fixed, caption for iframed contents and inline contents
v.1.1: XHTML-validity issue fixed.

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Reviews: 1
Simples, and functional! Deserves a donation via paypal, sorry but i just send you 5 dolars at the moment.

Gustavo - from Brazil
Reviews: 1
The Plugin works as intended when the {...} code is placed in an Article but not when the same code is placed in a mod_custom Module (supposing you want those links in a different region).

Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? This Plugin would have perfectly solved my problem otherwise!
Reviews: 1
Loving and using it a lot! thanks.

Reviews: 3
It's not working properly ... very poor guidelines.Even demo is not working properly.
Reviews: 7
This extension has very poor directions. I tried to make it work for some time, but it simply would not work.
Owner's reply

There is a demo site with examples and complete syntax. What more do you need?

Reviews: 1
Very nice effect, easy to setup
Reviews: 1
I had no problem installing this and it works great for every need that I have. The bugs have been worked out beautifully. :)
Reviews: 1
Thickbox 0.7 contains few bugs and messes up the template:
- the included css selektor "html, body" overwrites the settings of the template. Really bad solution.
- furthermore the last property "height: 100%" in the selector "html, body" is missing a semicolon.
- Thickbox generates a javascript error in IE6 so it is not working in IE6
Owner's reply

Thickbox+ is tested with IE6. There are no errors if you browse my demo with IE6. If your site produces errors then for other reasons. (see FAQ on my site)

Reviews: 1
This would be amazing, if I could get it to work. I don't see the thumbnail, or image.
Reviews: 1
... for the thickbox+ and for the great support.

The thickbox feature is exactly that what i need on my site!
There were a few "starting problems", thanks to Horst, they are solved.

Reviews: 1
Version 5 displays the images behind the content on the webpage. I tried to edit the thickbox.css file but changing the z-index, but it doesn't help. My advice is the stick with version 4 until this problem is fixed.

Owner's reply

This is a problem of your site's css, not of thickbox. If you test thickbox with another template you will find everything works fine.
See my demo.

Reviews: 1
When I installed and published Thickbox 2.1 for Joomla! it made my centered site align to the left. I cant figure out why.
Owner's reply

Another(?) user reported a solution for this problem (which occurs rarely) :

I just wanted to let you know that I fixed it by opening up ptthickbox.css and deleting the following:

*{padding: 0; margin: 0;}

html, body {
min-height: 100%;
height: auto !important;
height: 100%

Reviews: 5
Just tried out your demo page and was amazed how smooth everything worked with the thickbox library. And showing inline content like that is just wonderful. And then it hit me: What if you could show modules in the same manner, wouldn't that be awesome?! Imagine for example if you could get rid of the more than often ugly login module on the left of the page and instead have a link to a Thickbox! I think it would be neeeeaaaaat! =)
Owner's reply

This would be VERY easy to achieve if Joomla modules had unique ids...

btw: hey joomla developers, where are you???

Reviews: 1
easy to install but it would be nice if there were a few examples how to edit the whole thing.

I looked for the thickbox demopage and the mambot description.
What does this mean?:

Syntax: {mosthickbox=url#name=name#params=params}

params = the complete query string.

How does a query string look like? An example would be nice. Sorry for not being smart enough for this ... :)
Owner's reply

You refer to v.0.1 which is outdated (for some reasons...)
Please try v.0.2 and see my demo page for examples. Everything will be fine.


Reviews: 1
As the title says, I can't wait for this to grow up... At v0.1, it is understandable that it does not yet work or be simple to install... but one is allowed to dream.

It has such GREAT potential.

[Maybe v0.2, or v0.5 will be easier to install, not require so much editing and work for me :)]

So, Horst, great job on the idea, and the start and keep up the good work...


Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your first and very supporting review .

v.0.2 is out now and I hope it is on a good way to "grow up".

I have been quite surprised by the response (2,500+ hits after 3 days !). I hope people weren't put off by the 'quickhacked' v.0.1. ...