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Popunder Plugin

Download and Installation
Download the plugin from the attachments here.
Don’t unzip it. Go to your Joomla! Backend, there to Extensions-> Extension Manager
Select the file from your computer and click Upload & Install.
Go to Extensions-> Plugins and enable the plugin.
Settings and How to
Unlike the previous version of the plugin, the current one gives a bit more control to display content from your Joomla! website. This is done with loading a module position in the content of the plugin.

The plugin has the following settings:
Close button – select if the close button should be displayed. Please note that if it is not displayed, the user can still close the popunder window with the Esc button on his keyboard. If you select not to display the close button, you should make certain actions in the plugin, in order the user to be able to continue. It is also advised that you enable the plugin only once, only for guests or something like that.
Title – this is the title of the popunder plugin to display.
Position – select module position to display as content. By default it is popunder.
Width – the width of the popunder window.
Height – the height of the popunder window.
Guests – select if to display the popunder only to guests.
Display Once – select if to show the popunder only once per user session.
Loading content
After you have entered the desired settings, please go to Extensions -> Modules. There select the module you want to display in the popunder (or create a new one). Adjust the content and/or the settings of the module as desired and then on the position field of the module edit screen enter the position from the settings of the plugin.

Note: It will load all modules on that position, so if you have more than one, all of the will be loaded.

If you setup the module to be displayed on certain pages or to certain user groups etc., the plugin will respect this setting. That way you can control much better when and where to display the content of the popunder plugin. If the module position is empty, the plugin will not load.

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Reviews: 4
I tried almost all the free popups in this category and this is the first one that worked.
Reviews: 6
Great extension. Very useful and easy to use. Excellent support.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, looks great!

Support is top notch!
Reviews: 3
Simple & quick.

Enable the plugin and then place a custom HTML module (or any module) in the position name listed in the plugin settings.

Would be nice to have the options in the plugin settings to change the color of the title bar/close button & opacity of the shadow, but this is easily changed in the css file located at /plugins/system/popunder/popunder/popunder.css