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Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor.
Pop-it up on page load (or not), pop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well. No need for menu items to pop-up the box! (version 1.1 only, see below).

Simple PopUp will let you add a FancyBox Pop-up on any page. The message is written in the Article as "hidden" text.

It will use the styling you give it when creating it in the Article complete with text styling, images, lines and/or tables.

How to use:

1) Install the plugin package.
2) Enable it in the PlugIn Manager!
3) In any article add the popup brackets {simplepopup}


Tons of new stuff packed into this one!

The most exciting is that I have added support for Youtube videos and put in a lot more flexibility into the settings through a bunch of new parameters.

Here is a list of all the added parameters: name, textalign, width, height, autodimensions, scrolling, cookie, popup, link, url, gallery, cssclass, articleid, title, titleposition, hideonoverlayclick, hideoncontentclick, closebutton, transitionin/transitionout, speedin/speedout, overlayshow, overlayopacity, overlaycolor, video, autoplay

See the users guide for version 2.0 for a more detailed explanation.


I am quite excited about my new version...


- Simple PopUp, regular PopUp like the one demo:ed on the previous page.
- Multiple PopUp's on the same page using links to open them.
- Prevent the PopUp at page load (like on this page), but not on the previous page where the PopUp opens at page load.
- Use external content through URL, e.g. adding
- Use image in PopUp, also using title (description) for images.
- Use it as a Image Gallery, open the first image and then have "next" and "previous" navigation buttons to change image.
- Cookie support added (2011-07-30)! You can chose to only show the pop-up once to each visitor. See the manual for more information.

Added support for using Joomla Login Form in the PopUp, sample here:
See the manual for details!


If you use Simple PopUp, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Take care!


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Reviews: 2
Unfortunately I have the same problems that I read. The plug in doesn't work with an external link and nobody answered from support. I could even register to the forum because it didn't work too.
Owner's reply

Please make sure to check your spam-filter in your e-mail as the registration e-mail might have gotten stuck there.
I have had several users registering to the forum these last days and I also tested myself a few minutes ago...

Normally when external links don't work it is because your PHP and/or server settings prevent the loading of external content into a webpage. You need to allow the PHP setting "allow_url_fopen".
Also make sure the URL is complete with "http://" and is valid (of course).

Please don't hesitate to contact me at "Contact" at for further assitance!


Reviews: 3
This is an AWESOME extension. It does everything it says it does, and MORE!! And, with very thorough documentation, it was easy to figure out how to take full advantage of its potential... even the advanced features were clearly and concisely explained. This has added a whole new level of functionality and flair to my website, and I am so grateful to the developer!!
Reviews: 3
I downloaded the free version of this and tried it out on one of my sites. It works really nicely; no time at all to set up or use. I had a couple of questions in the beginning and Anders responded immediately. Since it was only a few bucks, I purchased the pro version to remove the freeware notice on the bottom, although the notice is quite unobstrusive and I didn't even see it until I'd been playing around with the plugin for a while. Very reasonable for a nice little extension.
Reviews: 1
I can't get this plugin to work so I tried to get some support. Registration on the support forum doesn't work so no questions can be asked. Contact form doesn't work either - it gives a message "Sending failed. Error: ???" with no actual error written.
If you can't get it to work by yourself, disable it and find another plugin, don't loose your time trying to get some help.
Owner's reply

Sorry you couldn't get it working, and me not being there to support you.
I was not aware that the contact form or forum registration was not working but it should be fixed now.
My hosting service had altered some settings rendering my settings for e-mail server faulty so my site has not been sending out registration e-mails or e-mails to me from the contacts page.

Again sorry, and please reach out to me again if you want to give it another shot!

Reviews: 9
Although it's a very simple plugin to use, it has wisely considered additional settings as well, thus room for advanced usage.

I easily found the required codes by reading the Documentation.
Reviews: 4
I used this in several projects. I even got in touch with the developer and he helped add new custom features. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the making of modules and plugins like this. If you need a Popup option in Joomla - USE THIS ONE! And donate to developers every now and again!
Reviews: 3
Great piece of work with excellent manual. Spot on.
Reviews: 9
Do not use this for Youtube popup unless you want to waste your time! There is no documentation at all on this feature. Nothing in their forum at all - except for the claim that it works for Youtube videos.
Owner's reply

I am sorry you couldn't get it working. I am always available for questions (or try to be as I am providing this extension for free and on my free time).

I guess you missed the manual that is available for download and you can also ask in the forum. There is also a working sample of a YouTube video on the "advanced" page (if one bother to look).

Next time take your time to find the manual and at least ask for help before posting a one star review!


Reviews: 3
This is a good plugin which is simple to use.
The only problem I had is to make the cookie working to make only one pop load per day.
I had to write cookie="1" between the brackets after the name of my popup.
(and it works with IE8.)
Reviews: 1
Although I am an experienced web developer, I am fairly new to Joomla.

I found the installation simple and without issue and the documentation brief, concise and to the point.

The only thing I am a little sad about, is that onMouseOver, onMouseOut rollovers don't work.
Reviews: 33
It does exactly what it claims and more. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
For those who are searching for simplicity yet powerful popup plugin for Joomla, I recommend this plugin. Thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 10
This a great plugin, really powerful and also has great documentation.
Reviews: 3
Excellent extension. Great concept and very useful documentation. It is simple on the usage. I used it for login form and visitor's advertising. thanks a lot
Reviews: 7
This is excelent little plugin! Work just out the box! Login box its just wow!
Reviews: 7
Installed on Joomla 1.5 - works out of the box! Very good job, thank you!
Reviews: 1
I really liked the extension and wanted it on my website. However, I couldn't get it to work because of some Jquery issues. So I contacted Anders and he kept helping me and suggesting solutions until it worked! Concluding; Fantastic extension with a fantastic developer!
Reviews: 6
Would have wanted some more functionality like "I agree" or " I have seen" seen radio button..

But its a pretty good product, simple and does what it says!!

Thanks for this extensions..
Owner's reply

thanks for taking your time posting a review. I have put the "I agree" function in what I call the "Disclaimer version" which is a paid extension.
I got way too many requests from dubious sites and I really didn't like the idea of people selling "adult" stuff using my free extensions... Sorry about that, but at least you know there is a commercial version of it now...


Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says, and that too very efficiently. Was having some trouble with the slideshows on my homepage, but got the solution by reading the reviews here.
Awesome job by the developer :)
Reviews: 4
Fantastic plug in! Does exactly what I wanted without a convoluted mess of options.
Will definitely try to convince my boss to donate :)
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