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Use Simple PopUp to show a message, as a image gallery, add any content to it from the Joomla Article editor.
Pop-it up on page load (or not), pop-up only once for each user using cookies, add links through the Article as well. No need for menu items to pop-up the box! (version 1.1 only, see below).

Simple PopUp will let you add a FancyBox Pop-up on any page. The message is written in the Article as "hidden" text.

It will use the styling you give it when creating it in the Article complete with text styling, images, lines and/or tables.

How to use:

1) Install the plugin package.
2) Enable it in the PlugIn Manager!
3) In any article add the popup brackets {simplepopup}


Tons of new stuff packed into this one!

The most exciting is that I have added support for Youtube videos and put in a lot more flexibility into the settings through a bunch of new parameters.

Here is a list of all the added parameters: name, textalign, width, height, autodimensions, scrolling, cookie, popup, link, url, gallery, cssclass, articleid, title, titleposition, hideonoverlayclick, hideoncontentclick, closebutton, transitionin/transitionout, speedin/speedout, overlayshow, overlayopacity, overlaycolor, video, autoplay

See the users guide for version 2.0 for a more detailed explanation.


I am quite excited about my new version...


- Simple PopUp, regular PopUp like the one demo:ed on the previous page.
- Multiple PopUp's on the same page using links to open them.
- Prevent the PopUp at page load (like on this page), but not on the previous page where the PopUp opens at page load.
- Use external content through URL, e.g. adding
- Use image in PopUp, also using title (description) for images.
- Use it as a Image Gallery, open the first image and then have "next" and "previous" navigation buttons to change image.
- Cookie support added (2011-07-30)! You can chose to only show the pop-up once to each visitor. See the manual for more information.

Added support for using Joomla Login Form in the PopUp, sample here:
See the manual for details!


If you use Simple PopUp, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

Take care!


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Reviews: 4
i just wanted to add a popup disclaimer in my site, after google i got this as a first result and was as simple as it is named. "hats off to the developer saved lot of time".
Reviews: 1
I'm using this module on my site in Joomla 2.5.1 and it's working perfect.

Also the manual is very good and simple to read.
Reviews: 1
I left a message as a comment; problem solved; sent in my mailbox minutes after!
For Joomla 2.5 users, be careful to choose the latest version (at the bottom of the few choices, that was for 1.6 and not the extension for 1.5)
Reviews: 1
This plugin is great, brilliant indeed.
I work with Joomla 1.7 and works fine for me.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this plugin, but unfortunately, it disabled the Menu , and the slide show, and the tabs modules on the site
btw Iam using 1.7
Owner's reply

sorry it caused a problem for you but that is easily fixed as it would have been a jQuery conflict causing it. That can be fixed by turning off jQuery loading under the Advanced settings of Simple PopUp.

I wish you've have contacted me or read the FAQ at my site before deciding to uninstall it... :o


Reviews: 1
I had some minor problems at first but got great support right away and now it's working perfect. People like this are a great asset to the community!
Reviews: 1
iam new in joomla and searching pop-up box.iused this pop-up in article and placed in work while browsing.good one.but i have to change article used in frontpage of web add this pop-up in article.can any body knows to used this popup with existing article.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this excellent plug in , it works perfectly .If it could be loaded inside module it could de much better. Good job, thanks
Reviews: 4
Hi, I don't normally write many reviews really. But this extension deserves one... So easy to use, so great to look at, works great. Thanks a lot....
Reviews: 5
This is a brilliant little plugin. It does exactly what I wanted.

My customer wanted a lightbox popup to prompt the user to buy gift vouchers when they access the site. The cookie feature works brilliantly so the user doesn't see the popup every time, I currently have it set to refresh every 7 days.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
i just want to give credit to the creator for providing this extension and giving 110% support! man, he just answered promptly after every email i shoot to him!

thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I was looking for, easy to use, set up and it works perfectly.

A great tool for any web site.
Reviews: 1
I'm relatively new to Joomla and one of my biggest issues is that nothing seems to work the way you would expect it too. So, with some hesitation I installed and used "Simple Popup Pro." Wow! This is the first extension that I've used that does what it says it does and works the way you would expect it to work. No fussing, just beautiful results.

The support alone was enough to convince me to donate - something I never do. I ran across a strange issue with IE and moo-moo something or other and menus. I figured I would end up chucking the extension but instead I got a new version from the developer in less than 48 hours that worked perfectly!

This experience has done a lot to improve my attitude about Joomla and the Joomla community. Thanks Anders.

I'd also like to thank Darren at Interactive Media for originally finding and reccommending the extension.
Reviews: 4
I made a simple age verification pop-up with this extension and it works perfectly. You can put just about anything in the pop-up. I put in a table with images and links so visitors would need to agree that they were over 18 to enter the site or disagree to be redirected to Disney.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very good plugin, and very good support!!!
Reviews: 1
First time writing a review and first time donating. Why? Super fast help, great plug in. just what i was looking for.
Reviews: 2
Excellent plugin, does exactly what I wanted, excellent support from author, replied in less than 30 mins
Reviews: 1
It was hard to make it work at first, then it dawned on me. Read the article ;-)
Please read both the manual and the article:

Also, great support. Immediate response to inquiries and support request.

Thank you Anders! Please keep the good work coming. I am a fan!

Reviews: 1
This extension is so simple to set up and it provides all that is needed for a simple pop-up display. Be it an image or full article, it does the job perfectly! The only thing to look out for is to make sure to set a name for simplepopup if using cookies, but then again, it's all described in product manual. Thank you, Anders!
Reviews: 3
This plugin is SO obvious, SO simple and SO well-working, that it is almost genious!
I have an article with 20 links, that activates 20 different PopUps: No problem at all!

Even though it is free, the support from Anders Wasen is also amazingly efficient and fast.

Of course we all need an elegant popup on our Joomla site at some point.
SimplePopUp is all you need. You can even have a slideshow in your PopUp!
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