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Popup Anywhere Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
- This plugin will show popup anywhere on your website.
- It help you easier to do an advertisement or a notification... when customers/clients visits your website.
- Features:
+ Popup Iframe.
+ Popup Image.
+ Popup any content on your website.
+ Popup type : always , or set cookie or set session.
+ Config :
* Customized Css Popup
* Close Popup after ? seconds
* Turn off , on scrollbar
* Support Mootools > 1.2

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Reviews: 6
This is a simple and real popup moduel or squeeze box.

Easy config.
Reviews: 101
I want to show a pop-up notification to all visitors for a while. This plugin works fine since it can pop-up. But, it does not allow me to input some text directly from the plugin's parameter page, I have to create a new article, then let this plugin to load that article.

Don't think this is too complicated?

A easier way is allow custom text editing right inside the options page. Where I can input some rich-text there as a message to visitors.

Well, another idea is: allow this plugin to load a module and show it. Then I can write my message in a Custom HTML module then load this module with this plugin.
Reviews: 5
Need a simple popup box linked to an article or image or video, then popup anywhere is the plugin to use. The support is also very quick and efficient. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 2
The support team helped me to setup the plugin to display a YouTube video when visitors open my website. It works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure this plugin. The developer was helpful with my questions during installation and provided quick support.
Reviews: 1
...but there's no documentation. The developers have put up a few snotty comments about how it's so simple to use if you know enough about Joomla. Nice for you.

For those of us who are still trying to learn, a very simple, 2 minute quick how-to would have been highly appreciated. You wouldn't have to go into great depths, simply give us a quick idea and let us go from there.

I registered just to put up this review, as the tone of your comments and the slightly snide way you dismissed other people with the same problem as mine really irritated me. I might have been willing to pay for the Pro version, if I could have gotten this one to work, but not now. Mostly because of your attitude, I'll find another program.
Owner's reply


If you have any issue, please submit a ticket here:

I'm ready to help you later.

We always answer all customer requirements there

Reviews: 11
I have tried many extension to have popup on page load, and this one is definitively the best.
Very easy to use and quick configuration.
Thanks for that :-)
Reviews: 1
Great Plugin ! Easy install and config.Thanks Code !
Reviews: 2
I think the big problem with that plugin is that appears everywhere, that means on every page of a website. And the name of the plugin is at least confusing.

As for the developer of this plugin, I am sure he is trying his best for a free to download plugin but there is no point of that as the support for it is only by ticket - Not even publically published tickets!
Owner's reply

Really we have so many customers need technical assistance, and the number of employees does not meet the needs of our customers, so we use the extra ticket system.Submit a ticket and i can help you now.Thank you so much !

Reviews: 2
Hi, the plugin looks very nice but without any documentation or even a clear answer from the developers how to use this, it’s useless. The demo on the developer page is more likely running the pro version, but in this free version there are no settings where, how and even if it’s possible to place it "anywhere". I read all the reviews and a lot of people was asking about how to place it somewhere, no answer, really nice looking but that’s all. Oh yeah, the preview button is working.
Owner's reply


If you have any issue, please submit a ticket here:

I'm ready to help you later.

We always answer all customer requirements there

Reviews: 1
when i installed this plugin all my share bookmarks (on articles) stop working. I have tried other bookmarks pluging, but with no success.
48h now trying to solve this issue, but cant do anything about it.
Reviews: 1
I'm happy with this extension but I would like if I make it open for a specific page only.
Owner's reply


If you have any ideas, please submit a ticket here :

And i will help you.

Reviews: 2
This extension really helped me!
It works fine on firefox and chrome.
but on IE8 and IE7, it appears that there is a problem on media/system/js/mooltools.js, and the popup doesnt load.

There is something to do?
Owner's reply


I tested it on IE7,8.It's ok

If on your browser , it's problem.

Please submit a tickets here :

I will help you check it.

Thanks you !

Reviews: 3
Is excellent, I recommend.
Very good indeed!
Reviews: 2
Thanks to developer for this extension.I managed to work by article picture and looks really good.Put picture in your article and publish it in ext,on Joomla it is unpublished category and I did it.
Reviews: 3
Great extension that did exactly as it says!!! Great work and thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for using our products.
Good day !

Reviews: 2
Worked as a charm! It wasn't difficult to customize it.
Reviews: 1
I read the last reviews and it does seem to be a good extension, so I downloaded and installed it, but there seem to be a an issue which I can't suss out - I set the 'Show When' to Session, which pops it up when you access the site which is great and really shouldn't pop up again until you close the browser, then open it again - but for some reason if you have logged in and log out, it pops up again - Why? - That makes no sense to me. - There should be an option to set this off, in my opinion.

There is a bit of an issue with Support because I dont think the Free extension has very little of it, yet some of the problems are fundamental to both Free and Pro and I think these should be able to be addressed somehow - I agree the PRO extension should offer support where there are issues specific to PRO only, but not in this case - or am I being to simplistic.

Anyway, the session problem has stopped me using the plugin and I am having to investigate other ones which I am disappointed about, because I can see how it could be an great one.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension - really useful if you want a simple popup when someone accesses your site - the fact that you can use an article is a great benefit as it can be edited on the front end - I also had problems with "Articles" in the popup field as y021ahe said - to correct it You do have to add the itemid=465 to the URL - As a feature request to CodeExtension, it would be great if the product does this when you select the article link, because I had to select the article, then add the code manually - (my URL now looks like index.php?option=com_content&id=137&view=article&tmpl=component&Itemid=435) which fixes it.
Support from Code Extension is excellent - once the ticket was raised, we quickly got my problem sorted.
Thanks Code Extension - Highly recommended.
Reviews: 13
This is a fabulous plugin and should really get a 5 out of 5 - I was struggling to find a problem.. BUT as has been said before - the pop of an Article shows the word Articles .. then below it the correct Article title and all the text. Why? - I can't find any way to remove it and requests to the developers have fallen on deaf ears.

Work out how to remove the word and its definately 6 out of 5.
Owner's reply

Thanks interesting my module.

It's simple problem.

This is default of joomla content when you not include any Itemid on url/link.

It's show word "Article".

So you need add "&Itemid=465" or any Itemid which you want in url/link.

Or you can contact with me :

I will help you.

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