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Popup Anywhere Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
- This plugin will show popup anywhere on your website.
- It help you easier to do an advertisement or a notification... when customers/clients visits your website.
- Features:
+ Popup Iframe.
+ Popup Image.
+ Popup any content on your website.
+ Popup type : always , or set cookie or set session.
+ Config :
* Customized Css Popup
* Close Popup after ? seconds
* Turn off , on scrollbar
* Support Mootools > 1.2

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Reviews: 7
Great plugin, does the job and is easy to configure (make sure you enable and configure it in the plugins section of Joomla).I use it on my own sites with both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 without problems.
Reviews: 3
seems like a good plugin, no documentation, i am a pro with joomla and i still can't find how to use this on my live site, a few other people asked the same question, but still the owners have not answered the question.
Reviews: 1
I found it a bit difficult to find the download link but finally i got it, the plugin works perfectly, easy to setup and use. A rally good job, cheers guys!
Reviews: 1
There is no options to manage the plugin, so we cannot make it work, will be nice if this extension works as we can see in the demo images, I use Joomla 2.5.2
Reviews: 3
I can't manage to make it work. I run J1.7 and registered the authors site and confirmed my email adress as well. Downloaded the plugin from Free Download Section and installed it. Everything was working ok. I enabled the plugin but there where no settings for it. I don't know... maybe I missed a step
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and setup, just what I was looking for. Pops up on the homepage, but I gave it Good rating since the size of the pop-up cannot be adjusted no mater what you input in the size fields. The plugin seems to resize it and it really doesn't work well for me since the photo I am using in my pop-up has text and this way it's hard or impossible to read.
GUYS, can you fix this, or what's the catch? Let me know or I will have to stop using it. Thanks.
Reviews: 16
I read that I had to register to download, I didn´t have to so the download was super easy and fast, to set it up it was more than easy, it does what it says, just simeply fast and easy...
What else can you ask for!!
Reviews: 4
Just what I was looking for. Easy and fast implementation.

Great work.
Owner's reply

We are developing document for it, but really it is easy to configure,if you have basic knowledge about joomla.

Reviews: 2
The plugin works as advertised. The problem is that you need to register for an account to download the plugin, no big deal, but then you have to go through a VM checkout process that requires you to enter your name, address, phone number, etc., just to download this free plugin. It is also not that easy to actually find the plugin as the Joomla 1.5 version always seems to show up. Once you actually register for an account, then fill out another registration form to use the VM checkout process, you can finally download the file. Seems a bit much for a simple free plugin. Also, the site is extremely slow.
Reviews: 5
it was not easy to find the download link for 1.7 version .. after registering and trying to figure how to download .. i finally downloaded it.. buuuut... it was not what i am looking for
it is good but not what i am looking for...i gave it fair rate coz there is no documentation nor clear way to download or view demo
Reviews: 1
After searching for popup functionality and installing a couple of popup extensions without success gave a try to popup anywhere and it does what it claims; easy to configure popup extension for joomla.
Don't know about support because there is no need to.
Also didn't look for documentation 'cause no need to.

Good job!
Reviews: 3
The plugin is very good, many options, works perfect with mootools, there is no matter to give an excellent rating.
Owner's reply

Thanks you !
We are improving the website and create documents for the extension.

Reviews: 3
Before downloading the plugin, I read many reviews where people couldn't figure out how to use it. Well, after downloading it, I was one of them. Went to plugin, and couldn't find any options there. After probably no less than hour of trying to make it work, I uninstalled it and browsed the developers site to find answers. And I found it. Turns out, I downloaded the plugin for 1.5 version even though I was in 1.6/1.7 description. And it let me do that without registering. Second time, I had to register and succeeded to download version for 1.7. To developer: why would you need such a confusing website?! Make it simple. Because if I got lost there (kinda same items in diferent website tree branches or something), I believe anybody else can.
The plugin itself (when you get it installed) is nearly perfect. It's simple, nice looking, and easy configurable. I just don't understand where comes a word "Articles" as a caption, which stays there no matter what I do...
Reviews: 2
The plugin itself was easy to set up in the administrator panel, and the preview ability was very nice. The pop up looked great in that preview. Unfortunately, there is 0 documentation on how to actually get the pop up to show up in the live part of your site and the customer support link on their website leads to a 404.
Reviews: 24
Guys, this one really rocks. Have been looking for a popup plugin that allows for some decent tailoring of the settings. I do want my visitors to be notified, but I don not want to bother them with persisten popups. Well, Popup Anywhere is just what I wanted, after an hour of disappointing trials with other plugins/modules. As you are able to set the time for the cookie to expire you can make this popup appear once, and again when the browser was closed or not again in the time set (expiration time of cookie). Add a picture, an article, include a weblink. Whatever you want. Even a few different templates of the popup are provided. Just what I wanted. Thank you very much.
Owner's reply

Special thanks you !

Reviews: 1
I downloaded this plugin only to find that there is ZERO documentation which in turns means I cannot use this plugin at all. I have no idea how to add the plugin "anywhere" on my site. unless you are some superman you will have one heck of a time trying to use it. worthless imo
Owner's reply

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, but this plugin are easy to use, if you know the basics about joomla administrator.

Reviews: 1
I have two sites, one with Joomla 1.5 and another with Joomla 1.6. In the first one I've installed and used the plugin and works flawlessly. However, there's only the Joomla 1.5 version in the download page although the component appears to be also available for J1.6 and J1.7.

Please, either specify where can we download the plugin for the newer versions or edit the title and put only available for J1.5.

Thanks and keep up the good work
Owner's reply

This plugin require registation to download .
This link which you can download it :

After you checkout , you can easy download .
it's free.

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