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Lightbox Content Popup Module

In Joomla category (K2 not supported) mode the title of the article, intro image and intro text of the particular categories can be listed horizontally or vertically which when clicked (this is not a auto popup extension) will open the complete article inside a popup. You can either choose single or multiple categories to fetch the article titles. This mode only supports text links to Popup. The color, font, weight, padding and margin can be controlled in the module parameters.

In manual mode you can find option to add slides where you can assign a caption, image or both to open the contents in a popup when clicked. You can popup HTML contents, Youtube /Vimeo Videos and Google Maps inside it.

★ ★ Key Features ★ ★

★ Cross Browser Support : [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.].
★ Compatible with Mobile/Tab Devices: Works perfect on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices

★ Option to Enable/Disable jQuery library to avoid jQuery Conflicts
★ Module Suffix can be defined
★ Incase of conflicts javascipt(.js) files can be either loaded in body/head of the website.

★ Dimension of the popup can be set
★ Opening and closing effect of the popup box can be mentioned from the list - Elastic, Fade and None.
★ The closing and opening speed of the module can also be controlled - Fast, Normal and Slow. Speed can also be mentioned in milli seconds.
★ The title of the article can be show inside, outside or over the popup.
★ Opacity of the lightbox can be controlled. It ranges from 0.1 to 0.9

★ Options to display the caption or images horizontally or vertically.
★ Option to define the padding and margin.
★ Option to define the border color and border size.
★ Caption color, size and weight can be modified.
★ Option to define font family from a list of 25 default Google Fonts.

★ Sorting of articles titles from a selected category.
★ Can POPUP anything(iframe,Images and Text) which are inside the article.
★ Lists the titles of the articles of a selected category horizontally or vertically. (see demo)
★ Number of article to display can be mentioned.
★ Supports content plugin to work inside

★ Add Unlimited slides.
★ Option to sort the slides if required.
★ Option to show image, caption or both.
★ Option to select /upload image for a particular slide .
★ Option to define the media type : Youtube, Vimeo, Google Maps or HTML Contents.

If you have any problems with Lightbox Content Popup Module or any questions regarding it, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 1
Lightbox Content Popup is easy to install and customize; I had an incompatibility issue with my template that I solved after some research, but customization parameters are not enough for my needs.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review. You could have raised a support ticket so that we could have solved the issue .

The module may have jQuery conflict issue if the same jQuery library loads in your template. In that case you have to disable the Load jQuery so that it doesn't conflict.

Reviews: 1
This is great module to use and a great company! When I asked if it could be customized to show a photo gallery of thumbnails that would each pull up a corresponding article the customization was done quickly and a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
This extensions does what it says but I need more options to define whether the popup will be displayed, definitely not what I expected.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. The extension works "Exactly" what we say and don't have other features that anybody might expect. We would have tried to improve it if you would have clearly mentioned about what you really expected.

Reviews: 2
Had an initial problem with a JQuery conflict. Posted a support ticket and had a reply within minutes. They made a quick tweak and all was well. Coupled with a module-in-content plugin, I could place the lightbox link in a component. Great!
Reviews: 1
This is a good module for the $25 cost and the support is excellent. And importantly, it works in a Joomla module position - i.e. not just within content articles.

However, be aware that the module is currently not compatible with K2 because it does not recognise K2 categories.

My Config = Joomla 1.5.24 + K2 2.5

There is however a work-around - if are using K2 this means you have to:
1. Create core Joomla sections and categories - the module only feeds articles from categories ... i.e. you cannot select the articles you want there - well except by unpublishing those you don't
2. Create core Joomla articles with the content you want to display - i.e. not K2 "items"
3. Then these will be published in the module

I have submitted these observations to the support team who told me they will work on a proper fix to this issue.

But I must say the support team were very responsive to my questions on this - so full marks there.

I must also note that something missing from the rather poor documentation provided is the need to - if you want to use the module more than once - after install, go to Extensions/Module Manager and create a copy of the module ... and enable it and then rename it to the specific purpose. That way you have the original module available for another copy and use.
Reviews: 4
This extension works very well. Most of all, I was impressed with the technical support I received from Infiniways.

Using their tech support chat box, I contacted them minutes after purchasing the extension. I got immediate assistance from the support team, and they actually helped me to set up the extension within my website. I wanted to show the popups upon click within articles and they showed me how to do it.

I was very impressed with their friendly and super fast support!
Reviews: 2
The module worked perfectly right away, but In needed some customization. They responded to my support ticket immediately and did the customization right away for a great price. I received the new module in my email when I woke up the next day, installed it and it worked perfectly. They even offered to help me install it if I had questions. This is why I love Joomla. Great module and great support.
Reviews: 1
This is an outstanding product. It does what exactly it claims to do. I had to do some modifications.
The support was prompt and efficient. They helped me a lot to setup the module and do the customization. I highly recommend this product. I'm completely satisfied.
Reviews: 4
This extension is absolutelly briliant. Create automaticaly a link that open your article. It's simple and does the job perfectly! Power of simplicity. Technical assistance need to be known for there patience and kindness. Great work.
Reviews: 1
I simply needed an extension that would open a menu item in a lightbox type popup. It's a little tricky to do that, and I hadn't found one to fit the bill. After a lengthy chat with the tech support I bought and installed it. After my noobish attempts to get the plugin to work, an Infyways tech gladly logged into my installation and worked out what I wanted to do. Great Support!!!
Reviews: 1
This Joomla Extension is very amazing, simple, impecable, and do all the work you really need, and is a complete solution, i also recommend the Diapo SlideShow it's amazing it does all what they offer, please guys keep doing what you do because is working like a charm. Worth every dollar you pay. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
Great module, though not a "read more" popup that i bought it for... help with installation and setup very fast + patience with newby's
Reviews: 5
This module works very fast and is easy to use.
Support is excellent, by email and chat.
Just need to be aware that you can only use one module per page.
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