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Modal system messages Plugin

This plugin replaces ugly Joomla system messages with modal windows and colorize them depending on the message type. Window design is highly customizable and can be styled even by newcomers.


• No more ugly system messages!
• Nice clean window layout with easy styling via CSS.
• Turn darkened background on/off.
• Choose closing method: button, background or both.
• Put some text at the bottom of the window.
• Automatically close window in set number of seconds.
• Choose animation speed.


• Minor code optimization.
• Some language lines changed.

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Reviews: 3
Downtime and very intuitive plugin for system messages.
Excellent support. I asked for a window closing time and after a while the plugin has been updated. I advise everyone!
thx krotek )
Reviews: 9
I do not understand why joomla system messages are that ugly. moreover I am happy hat I have found this little but great plugin! I like it. If it had more user friendly settings without the need of editing css stylesheet, I gave it 5 stars.
Reviews: 6
This plugin works as advertised right out of the box. Just install the plugin and enable it. I set the option for dimming the background to "yes" and it works great!
Reviews: 5
excellent plugin but I have a problem too with jomsocial homepage. I have to turn on jquery in order it works on homepage but afterthat I've got a JA-Login module problem
Reviews: 3
Nice one, thanks a ton for this!
I had no issues installing and using it so far, with latest J2.5 and a big bunch of other extensions!
Reviews: 24
Installed and replaced the normal Joomla Message in a minute. Just CSS to your liking. The only point I will change is to have a darken transparent background to really keep the focus on the message. I Just CSS that myself in minutes, but it will be preferable to be integrated by the Dev. I ask some questions and the Dev. and, I get my answers rapidly. Thanks !
Reviews: 24
This is just a great way to look like a more professional site.. Great job!! Thank you!!
Reviews: 4
Installed in seconds, turned plugin on. Worked exactly like the demo.
Reviews: 4
It's really neat but caused some conflict with javascript with some other extensions. Had to uninstall.. will check back later for future development.
Owner's reply

It will only cause conflict if you didn't turn off jQuery in plugin settings, as stated above.

Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin and good looking. Standard Joomla message display is horrendous.

@Crypple, it does work with Yootheme Zoo frontend submission as i am using it atm.
Reviews: 10
This is terrific for Joomla content but unfortunately it doesn't work for YooThemes Zoo submission forms (which is where I really need it). I can't find a way to request support but if the author was able to enable it for Zoo it would be really valuable and would be worthy of a commercial extension.
Owner's reply

You can find the contact info in plugin header as usual. As for your request, this plugin uses standard Joomla messaging, and looks like Zoo doesn't. So...

Reviews: 1
i installed this on my 1.7.3 site with Jomsocial but the jomsocila messages don't appear until you return to the joomla home page.

Any idea's how to fix this ?
Owner's reply

What do you mean? I didn't get your question. I have JomSocial as well and it works pretty fine, no problem noticed.

Reviews: 8
How many times have you (as an admin) not seen the system messages outputted by Joomla's front end while testing your website?

Just imagine how many more times the actual users miss the information about their actions (like submitting a form)

This was really simple to install and makes my site look so much more professional. Nice work - I'll be putting it on all my sites from here onwards :)
Reviews: 1
ThX Dmitry ;) works like charm ;) GeaT JoB ! This is my very first review on this site since 2009 ! ThX again
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, even for a beginner like me.
Installed it for our non-profit organization.
Thank you so much for making our site looks better :)