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Fancy Messages and Sticky Note Module

Fancy Messages is a nice smooth popup module compatible with Joomla 1.5.x , 2.5.x , 3.x.x , 3.2.x which shows your defined messages in a nice and smooth fancy popup manner or sticky manner.
You can define it on any position of your website.


It can be used for various purposes like popup notice, website annoucements, product upsells, ecommerce offers, discount coupons, deals, etc.


It comes with various options, so you can manage its height, width, color, position, time of animation, data entry box, etc. You can even define, if you need the popup to show and vanish or want it to stay stick. The close button can close it when clicked.
You can use it for important announcements and user notifications.


-Fancy jQuery powered Popup notification boxes
-Define yourself, the height and width of popup
-Multi Position Support. Just select and see.
-Define the data yourself. HTML Allowed.
-Define if you need a sticky popup or vanishing popup
-Style it with color and border options
-Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x , 2.5.x , 3.x.x , 3.2.x


We provide complete support of our product from our Support Helpdesk ( ) and we can even set it up for you for FREE. You get the acces to the private downloads section, where you can download your updates as well.

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Reviews: 10
I am really annoyed. I have purchesed this extension for $ 25 (!). Accordingliy my expectations was hidg. I was bitterly disappointed. This extension does not work for me.

The support is fast but half-hearted and tersely. I get only minimal information like "check now" or "no access". After I gave the Developers a backend access (otherwise thea said, I have to fix the issue by myself) the extension works. No info what the problem was. After I changed only one setting, the extension has again stopped working. I feel like a beta tester!

After that I finished the contact with the support. Now I use StickyNote Module. This extension is free AND it works right out of the box!

At the moment, I can only strongly advise NOT TO USE THIS EXTENSION.

I also miss some features that are present even in free apps (eg shotimoo)

No possibility of multiple notes.
No start and end time for a note.

Here the developers have to repair urgently! Because it can not be that I pay so much money for a non-functioning extension, despite the attempt to fix by the developers.

I would be glad, to get a working extension. Until then zero stars.