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Website Disclaimer Popup Module

Website Disclaimer popup is a simple and easy to use creative extension which can also be used by websites to display a custom welcome message. If the user agrees to the disclaimer can only get into the website else upon disagree, will be redirected to another page. It uses cookie, jQuery and advanced coding


★ Easy to implement and configure
★ Supports all modern browsers [Firefox , Google Chrome, IE7+ and Safari ]
★ Option to enable/disable jQuery
★ Option to include JS files in Head/Body to avoid jQuery Conflicts
★ Test Mode to test the popup settings and configuration
★ Option to set the height and width of the popup
★ Option to add HTML text into the popup box
★ Use either cookie (to set number of days) or session for the popup to appear
★ Option to control the opacity of the lightbox
★ Option to define URL for agree and disagree buttons
★ 10 different button colors to set
★ Option to set an Joomla article (no K2) into the popup.
★ Option to open link in a new tabs [NEW]
★ Responsive : Scales to any device (Tablets and Mobile)[NEW]


If you have any problems with the extension or have any questions, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 35
great support, great module with options... i think the test option should have that java script button to close it instead of link...

developers really put an effort to make something professional for joomla standards!

Great job
Reviews: 7
We use this extension for a United States Airforce Website. This was the only extension that we could find. However it is perfect!! Now we are in the middle of a migration from J1.5 to J2.5.
We were not sure if we did all correct but a short message to their ticket system solved all of our problems in MINUTES!!!
The next ticket would be about the Pop up Anywhere module, but they had fixed it for us allready.

Thanks so much Infyways!!!!!
Reviews: 2
The idea behind this extension is great, however its implementation is not too good because it relies in JavaScript to prevent visitors from access the site without agreeing the terms, so it's pretty easy to bypass it.

Certainly this is not a big-deal in many websites, but for mine it is, because visitor are expected to have a higher level of tech skill.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review . You are absolutely right, we use jQuery (a JavaScript) library for the purpose.

This is Website Disclaimer Popup where you can show some disclaimers or policies before viewing the website.
We don't understand what you mean by pretty easy to bypass.
Why will somebody try to bypass to visit the website if there is already an agree button ?

If he/she agrees then a cookie get stored in the browser and the popup won't appear again .
This is not a security extension which protects your content. It is just a disclaimer/policy popup

Please contact us so that we can clarify regarding your thoughts and requirement with the extension.

Reviews: 2
Easy to use module, really flexible. Thank you for the excellent support service, really fast and right to the point.
Reviews: 6
Very nice extension and easy to configure. Most important, support is extremely fast and helpful. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Really good. We were really happy with their chat support. Easy to use. We published it and assigned a position to it. done. It even has a test mode, just make sure to it turn off and all works great. Nice!!!
Reviews: 1
I never write reviews normally but I was really amazed by the level of support provided.
They helped me to customize the module for my web site and always responded very quickly to my emails. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I've never purchased an extension before but none of the other extensions regarding pop up seemed to do what I wanted ... so I bit the bullet and purchased this!

The extension loaded perfectly and kind of worked .... dropped an email to support and unbelievably they replied within 10/15 minutes and had my problem sorted within 30 mins!

All I can say is AMAZING! Plus, i'm probably going to need a few more extension for various things on this website i'm currently building ... so these guys will be the first port of call!

Seriously, if you need something like a Website disclaimer pop up then this is your answer, it's clean and simple and so far the support has been A1!