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Jpopmessages Plugin

This plugin convert the ugly joomla system messages in nice popup box messages. you can use JQUERY, MOOTOOLS or BOOTSTRAP, it can work for the frontend / backend or BOTH. give a try!

version 0.3.0
- added bootstrap functionality
- added support for FUNNY yootheme templates
- added support for AJAX (call the function jpopmessages() )
- simplified configuration
- added support for backend, now you can choose for frontend / backend / both

version 0.2:
- added joomla 3.0 compatibility
- added fix/trick for messages inside a popup window

version 0.1:
- first release

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Reviews: 98
Works fine on Joomla 2.5 . Not well on Joomla 3.2 . Hope the author will improve it. Will be better if make the pop-up window looks better.
Owner's reply

checkout the new release! it's amazing!! it works with jQuery, mootools and bootstrap.

you can use it on frontend / backend / BOTH

Reviews: 32
It was simple to get working - Downloaded, Installed, Enabled and decided where I wanted to show the popup messages, and it just worked - excellent!
Reviews: 1
I installed the plugin and I just had to enable it and bua la!. It just retorted the css into a popup box. I recommend it.