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R3D Floater Module

Running out of space on your page? This simple Popup Module will allow you to float in ANY other content module from the left over your existing content - and disappear after a given time. You can adjust size, border, transparency, timing & speed in the backend. Visitors are forced to read or at least notice this layer-window and click it away.

NEW: version 3.2.0 for Joomla 3.2.x

New Functions in
- run once per day or once per session

Report Extension



Reviews: 9
If you read the instruction given, there is no problem with the installation. I am not a coder, but I have managed to install and run it in 5 minutes. The instruction are clear as 1-2-3. (well... ok...1-2-3-4 steps! :-)
After that you can put ANY module there, with ANY content you like ( an announcement, a text message, informations, pictures etc..even the login module!) After you play with options you understand what they do, so you can have this module excactly as you wish. A simple, clear well documented module. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for something but I did not think it would be that easy. In five minutes it was all done. Very good.
Thank you very much from Argentine.
Reviews: 3
This extension did the job I was looking for! I was disappointed that is wasn't responsive out of the box. I modified one file to fix that problem for my website.
Reviews: 1
dear sirs,
your tool makes what i was searching for. thank you. if i can suggest you a future development, think about the possility to say which day of the week the message should appear. many thanks again. paolo.
Reviews: 10
This is an excellent extension, and the best is that is free.
I have used it on different pages, for 6 months.
Its simplicity is good once installed.
Perhaps the biggest challenge is the initial installation, add code to the template.

But it is a very good extension, hopefully still developed by the author.
Reviews: 12
You need to make some changes in several files, but there is exactly info in the website of the developer. The results are very good

Thanks for a good job
Reviews: 2
Great extension. it was easy to install and use. Some people may find it a bit complicated to install and use though if they have do not have knowledge in changing editing xml files and index files.
Reviews: 16
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Easy to set up - 5 minutes and you're done - Very Nice Work - TY!
Reviews: 10
out of the box, 5 min to make it work!

thank you
Reviews: 5
I tried another module before finding this one. Works fine with Warp, which the other did not.
Reviews: 4
once in awhile you come across a module that simply works and works well. I am not a coder but from their simple instructions installed and working within 10 minutes! Great job guys! Kudos and thanks for making this free!
Reviews: 10
Thanks for the module. It is very useful, and the instructions are pretty easy even for someone like me to understand. Installed and configured in 5 minutes after figuring out where the newsflash module was hiding :)
Reviews: 6
The instructions for setting up this module are very short. Which is excellent because it is so easy.
Modify one xml and one php file to create the positions and then publish two modules in the correct positions and bingo. Less than 5 minutes from scratch. Thanks you very much.
Reviews: 5
It works great!!! Easy and very customizable, great work!
Reviews: 4
This is a great extension and does exactly what it says. I too had issues with the blank window, but you must ensure that you follow 100% the instructions and make sure that you name the modules exactly as per the instructions given (e.g. Floater Newsflash).

Great job guys!
Reviews: 7
Does what is says, thank you for your fine work!
Reviews: 27
I would give a 5 stars score to this module if it worked. Previous reviewers are correct about the documentation as it is very poor. I also tryied the trick from the previous reviewers (creating section & category named float/floater) but it did not work. Still blank box floating. I hope the creator to fix this issue and make the module more user friendly.
Reviews: 4
The instructions are good, but not great. I too created a "float" section and "floater" category. Additionally in the R3D settings, the module name should be "newsflash" (not mod_newsflash, which is what was throwing me off).

I wish I could configure this module to appear after a user has been on a page for a few seconds or more...
Reviews: 1
The instructions were poor but once it got working. Amazing!
For those of you who followed the installation instructions and are now struggling with an empty white box; Try creating a section "float" and a category "floater". In the module parameters of the "Floater Newsflash" you already created set the category to "Float/Floater". Lastly create and publish an article using the section "float" and category "floater". That's what worked for me and it was worth a donation!
Reviews: 6
Excelent module! Worked just fine, except for the incapability of showing pictures on the floating box - that would make it perfect. The instalation instructions are also too superficial, making the instalation dificult for newbies.

Thanks for the nice work!
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