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R3D Floater Module

Running out of space on your page? This simple Popup Module will allow you to float in ANY other content module from the left over your existing content - and disappear after a given time. You can adjust size, border, transparency, timing & speed in the backend. Visitors are forced to read or at least notice this layer-window and click it away.

NEW: version 3.2.0 for Joomla 3.2.x

New Functions in
- run once per day or once per session

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Reviews: 3
This module works perfectly to show an empty box with a nice sliding effect.

Who can find any sens to this module with the lack of instructions to put content in the box ? Gougle is full of message of people lost whith this problem, for years now.
Worse, the module do not look like saving my settings, i was obliged to overwrite with css !

Do not waste your time with "this pain in the ass"'s addon.
Reviews: 1
Hi! A while ago i tested this module and not understand how put images e other thinks in popup. Now with more time and age i get it. Thanks for this nice e easy tool.

Try out, and see for yourself.
Reviews: 11
Just install and test...Work well and simple to configure...In fact I was on the JED for try to find a module/plugin like this one but for display a sticky message inside Backend and not Frontend..I would like be able to show some message to my Admin users when they are in some place in Backend but no addon seem to do that...Hope this will be possible in future maybe with this module...
Reviews: 7
Very nice module, but I would really like to have some more control on:

- How many times the floater has to run. Now every time a user has to re-read the box every time he loads that page which is annoying and it's useless in particular cases. Would be nice to set it: "run once", or "run x times". (based on cookies or for registered members).
Reviews: 3
Amazing module. Easy to install and works like a charm.
I would like to make some changes and a didn't find any community. Is there any? Thanks and congratulations!
Reviews: 2
I installed the module and made the necessary setup quite easy. Works smooth. Thank you for your effort.
I only wish there was an option to control the vertical position of the box. Or is there one? :)
Reviews: 6
I wanted to add a shoutbox to my site but couldn't cause i had no more space and the components i have make my site look ugly if i enable Right&Left colums so i thought i was done for. So i was skeptical about this, but within 10 minutes i had my shoutbox hovering anywhere in my site i chose to place it. 5 stars i love this, would be cool if you had more options to add in multiple modules in the near future.
Reviews: 18
Hello there,
I got the module working after reading the instructions carefully. A great mod and thanks a lot...

Reviews: 33
Simple (as most good inventions are) with clear instructions on getting it working and it does precisely what it says it will do. Be sure to follow the instructions for setting up as they appear when you first install the extension and you will not be disappointed. Best of all, it works faultlessly with the worst browser in the universe and that's a definite plus. Full marks for this extension!
Reviews: 2
There are no instruction how to put content in the "floater". I like the module easy to install but complex to add content. Thanks to dev
Reviews: 9
This is a wonderful extension so far and I hope to see it grow! I've been waiting for this and I'm not disappointed. Thank you to the developer!!.
Reviews: 4
Very good module, very useful. Smart use of Joomla positions by the developer.

One thing..... I see the developer put a lot of effort into the instructions. Good job. But they miss one important point, and thank you to jchris below for explaining the final aspect with regard to the module title.

This module is more versatile than the description states. It can be used with various module types, as long as you remember you MUST have the exact name of the module you wish to use in the 'Module Title' of the R3D Floater module. If not your content won't display.

Thank you Mr developer.
Reviews: 1
excellent; excellent; 6 stars...
In the instructions page the 5. line is:
5.Now create a new instance of mod_newsflash with the following settings:

Instead mod_newsflash you can also create and publish a new custom html (modules/new/Custom HTML) and it also works excellent. But you have to change the module name to "custom" in module parameters page in (/extensions/module/r3d)(was "newsflash" as default)
Reviews: 4
Great module that does what it says. Very handy and no problem.

Helpful tip: In the Module Parameters section, be sure to enter the Module Title of the module you want to display inside the floater. This isn't totally clear in the instructions. You may assume, as with other modules, that some of the parameters are optional. They are not. If you make a custom module with some code in it and title it Daily_Update, then you must enter the Module Name ("custom"), and the Module Title ("Daily_Update") for the floater to display your content. Hope this helps someone save some time getting it going.
Reviews: 1
This a a wonderful addition to my website. I was smart enough to follow the (very easy) instructions and it worked the first time. The only problem I had was opacity settings in safari and firefox but the fix was to set the opecity to 99% and not 100%.

Reviews: 1
If you respect the instructions, it will be easy to install.
If you have problem with opacity on firefox or google chrome but not on IE, put the opacity value at 99% instead of 100%.
Thank you Richard for this module !
Reviews: 1
The r3d floater does what has been promised.

It is absolutely necessary to follow the instructions exactly as described.

At my first attempts I made some mistakes and the pop-up did not work as I expected (pop up frame showed up but without module content).

I got quick & friendly support by r3d, so I finally managed to make it run.

Thank you very much for the nice software!
Reviews: 1
This does exactly what the author says. You do have to modify 2 files in your template (make backups!)but for me the module worked first shot with no problems. Nice work!

I did very little tweaking as the defaults seemed pretty close to what will work for me. Gives my Intranet site a flair of sophistication. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Given the task of advertising an event on our site I thought I'd look for a new extension, came across R3D Floater. I had this up and running in about 10 mins following the simple instuctions.
I'm loving this module!!!!

Nice Work!!!
Reviews: 1
Amazing module.

All I did was to follow the instructions from the developer and got it running in less than 30 minutes.

I recommend to anyone.
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