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R3D Floater Module

Running out of space on your page? This simple Popup Module will allow you to float in ANY other content module from the left over your existing content - and disappear after a given time. You can adjust size, border, transparency, timing & speed in the backend. Visitors are forced to read or at least notice this layer-window and click it away.

NEW: version 3.2.0 for Joomla 3.2.x

New Functions in
- run once per day or once per session

Report Extension



Reviews: 2
Although I had som troubles making this module work - due to my unexperience with Joomla! - I received great service and loads of help from the revered Mr Dvorak.
Now also I can let my site have a floater!
Reviews: 1
Nice and usefull component. I recomend you to read the instructions carefully.
I have combined it with jive and both modules gives amazing results.

Tip: transparency don't work the same in IE and FF. Instead 100% opacity, try 99%

Reviews: 1
Excellent module, very handy for flagging up hot news items. What's more, it looks good and scrolls nicely, and is very customisable.

Plus the developer is very helpful. Recommended!
Reviews: 2
Hi there!!! tried the instructions given for over two hours onto two of my joomla 1.0.12 installation. Finally i gave up. It just wont work. Hope there isn't any bug.regards
Owner's reply

Let me know WHAT does not work ;-)

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