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Mega Pop Up Module

★★★★★ DONT LIMIT YOUR IDEAS ★★★★★ Are you looking for a Smoothly Opening, Bug-Free and Multi-Featured PopUP Extension?

★★★★★ RESPONSIVE ★★★★★

If so, Stop your search here!

Mega Pop Up Module is a great extension to show any html you want in a smoothly opening modal popup!

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

✔ Add subscribers to your MAILCHIMP List
✔ Add subscribers to your AWEBER List
✔ Add subscribers to your CONSTANT CONTACT List
✔ Add subscribers to your ACYMAILING List
✔ OR get just an ordinary form...
✔ very easy customizations!
✔ Perfect Support from Developers
✔ Enable / Disable a COOKIE
✔ Show only to guest
✔ Show only to Registered Users after login
✔ Show several times on the same page with different variations
✔ Different Templates

★★★★★ You can use this module for several purposes ★★★★★
✔ Showing Promotions
✔ Showing Advertisements
✔ and many more, depended on your imagination!

Very Easy to use!
All you need to do is :

✔ Installing Module via Joomla Installer
✔ Set Parameters
✔ Everything is controllable via module parameters
✔ Modal Content
✔ Modal Styles, Colors
✔ Time to Appear
✔ Set Cookie if you do not want to show popup several times
✔ Show only registered users or guest users
✔ Show Confirmation Message when user clicks to close the popup

✔ Publish
✔ For style customizations, there is a css file
✔ You can ask for support at community forum when you need help


★ Current Version 2.0.0


✔ Select to show only registered users or guests added as an option - Special thanks to Milton for the suggestion

✔ Bulgarian Language Files Added, special thanks to Svetoslav Slavkov for translation.

✔ New Parameters Added,
1. Close or Not Close Popup when user Click On Background Layer
2. Close or Not Close Popup when user Click On ESC Button

★★★★★ SUPPORT ★★★★★

✔ We are well know with the support we provide. We are almost 24 hours online and assure you solving any of our extensions related issue in latest 12 hours!

✔ You are welcome if you have a suggestion, we are looking forward hearing suggestions!

★★★★★ USER GUIDE PDF or VIDEO ★★★★★

✔ This extension is very easy to install and use and each module parameter explained well, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter label, a short description will be shown in a tool-tip.

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Reviews: 1
The extension installed easily and it all is controlled in a module . The issue is that the support is pretty bad. I'm a web designer and so I purchased the extension in the evening and the extension could not be downloaded as soon as I purchased due to the office being closed. Didn't mind it to much since I was working late but after I was finally sent the extension it literally is all controlled from that one module so I found it to be a bit much and not user friendly.

A good way to get pass an item not being user friendly is having great support and/or documentation and the support really isn't there for assistance for this product. The jquery

The documentation consist of rollovers that basically describe "what" an item is and not "how" to use or why to use. It doesn't give any examples of usage outside of one line of syntax that leaves you to just assume what it means.

My purpose for using the extension was for a simple popup ad for a homepage and I really feel as if this should have been thought out a little more :) .

I've been working in Joomla for about 6 yrs now and this is the first time i've run into support that hasn't responded in days and lack of documentation . I would say beware of this one if you're looking for a quick fix because it will not happen unless you have a static site with no working scripts.

I ended up paying more for another extension and was literally done with my project after just 10 minutes.
Reviews: 1
I purchased Mega Popup on 7/28/14. I did not receive the extension until 7/30. PluginValley apologized for the delay, saying they had a problem which delayed their order notification. There was no documentation included with the extension or that I could find online. After installing the extension, I am unable to make it work. Multiple people have open tickets in the Support Forum which have no response in multiple weeks. I have emailed support on 7/30 and 24 hours later, no reply. I'm extremely disappointed.
Reviews: 2
its really great work by Pluginvalley . all suport being really good . i like there support and hope for another extension from there.
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for your time to drop a review for our work!

All the best!

Reviews: 7
That' a great plugin. Simple to use and does exactly what it supposed to do. Now, support was so fast I was completely surprised. Lots of other developers charge you extra for ticket support. These guys went on Live Chat (!!!) with me after 5 minutes of contacting them. That's what I call a worthy purchase.
Owner's reply

★★★★★ Thanks! ★★★★★

Reviews: 1
Very good extension, which is easy to use.

I've got some problems to install the modul, but the very fast and excellent support by the developer could help me to solve my problems.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your time to share your opinion here Lars.

We are very glad to add value to your websites and business!

Alles Besten!

Reviews: 1
This is one of the best and easiest to use plug ins that I have used.

When I installed Mega Popup, I had one minor issue because I did not click no to disable cookies, but I didn't know that was my issue at that time.

I contacted support and they were super fast in responding, very friendly and patient.

Mega Popup is working great!

I definitely recommend this module.
Owner's reply

Thanks Karimah,

we are happy to add value to your Joomla! Sites!

Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect, it is easy to configure and use.
Every single parameter was explained very good, however i had some issues and asked on the support forum.
After creating my forum post i received an answer only in 30 minutes and the developer care my issue personally.
He even fixed bugs related with other extensions!

Very Good Module!
Amazing Support from Developer!

From now on, PluginValley is in my "Best Extension Developers List" and will check regularly for the new works!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your words! We believe that support should be really on-time and effective.

We are really glad to be in your "Best Extension Developers List"

All the Best from Valley!

Reviews: 10
Been looking for something to display announcements, etc. on the Home page and then came across this popup. Almost does just what I want (plus ability to include an article contents). On installation and testing I hit a couple of problems which were sorted and fixed within minutes via "Chat".
Would really recommend this module.
Owner's reply

thanks for your great reviews!!!

we are so happy to add value to your website and business....

all the best from the Valley!

Reviews: 8
Excellent Module - Excellent Service - fastest in the business! Lots of neat options to control the exact look. Works perfectly.
Owner's reply

Thanks so much to write a review for our services!

we are happy to add value to your business!

As we say always, you will never walk alone in the valley! :)