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Popin Window Plugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a hidden backlink to the developer.
The Joomla Popin Window is a plugin which allows you to quickly and easily create a Joomla popin window. The window is like a small popup, however it is not blocked by popup blockers. This plugin is useful to boost ypur newsletter subscriptions, to invite your users to participate in a survey, possibly to popin a window which allows users to play a sample of your music or to quickly attract attention to some new functionality of your site.
Update 1: Mambot has been updated to make it only show only once each time you visit a site (session aware).
Update 2: IE7 problems fixed
Update 3: Ability to choose whether to show to All Users, Logged in Users only, or Logged out users only.

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Reviews: 3
I rarely bother to give bad reviews but this one takes the cake. Especially when you have to pay for it. I gave them every chance to help me out with the problems of this plug which are many. Including, popping up behind my articles, icon for closing the popup not working in mozilla, unable to have it open at the top formatting of images/text nor working and more.

So, as they suggested, I posted in their forum for help. Nothing, happened. So I emailed someone a week or so later. I can't remember if I got an immediate response within a day or so that someone would look into it and then nothing. I emailed a month later and still nothing from anyone to help me.

I downloaded Moo Popup and it worked like a charm. Sorry guys, but you all really need to support something that you ask people to pay you something for it.
Reviews: 1
It's really easy to use, you can create a regular article, to copy the html code and past it in the plugin and all function.

Thanks and congratulations, it's a good gift !!
Reviews: 7
This poor plugin isn't plug and play. When it did it wasn't I.E. compliant. As the title said,I never comment. When a plugin is bad enough to make me waste my time to install, uninstall, then hate on in forum. That says it all!!! Please do not clutter up the extension page with substandard extensions. MOOPopup is next on my trial by fire. This extension will not earn a second chance!!!!
Owner's reply

Its a pity it didn't work out for you ... flaming it so badly though is a bit over the top in my opinion. You could have asked for help on the forums, and we'd have given you a shot at helping.

Reviews: 4
If only all other joomla extensions worked as easily and simply as this one has... life would be wonderful.

A cracking plugin that has increased my newsletter sign-up by 30% in three months.

I cannot recommend this plugin highly enough. It works, its easy to install, its easy to maintain and the support is fast and professional.

What more can I say - if you need a popup on your website, this is the one to go for.
Reviews: 2
Nice, simple, lightweight.
Ultimately I had to uninstall because won't work in IE (IE's the dreaded html parsing error).
(sidenote: 'compatibility mode' in IE8 sometimes solves this but not in this case)
(sidenote2: IE can suck it!)

Also, I share dkartuzinski's thought that some simple directions (either during install or in the plugin manager) would be nice.

Otherwise, a nice little plugin :)
Reviews: 17
It could be the best popup extension, but until they don't fix IE html compatibility, it will not. Such a shame.

In the meanwhile I'm going with MOOPopup.

Note: It DOESN'T require registration to download.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to use - does what it says it will. Would like to see transparent pop in like previous reviewer commented on, but overall, this plugin is very very nice. Good work!
Reviews: 5
I really like this plugin.
it is very easy to install and set up.
The forums are there, but with 1 or 2 topics are next to useless.
I do admit the author responds to all comments right away.
I would live to see a trasnparency on the background of the popin.
besides that is very cutomizable.

Something this extension misses is that You cannot embed modules in it.
but overall works like a charm.
Owner's reply

The forums are a very recent addition to the site (August 2008), hopefully people will start asking their question and more answers will be available.

Reviews: 1
This is the perfect solution for my site to increase my newsletter subscribers. It works great in firefox but when you add any html it crashes internet explorer. The html I was using was not complicated at picture no text. If the developer can figure out a way to fix this issue and have an image work I will support him with a beer anytime he wants!
Owner's reply

I've tested the popin with images, and it works in my tests. Unfortunately, since the plugin accepts any HTML, and all websites are different, it is hard to actually determine whether the crashing of IE is coming from the plugin per se, or something else!

Reviews: 3
This is a pretty well put together plugin. The support was great and the programmer was quick to answer my questions, including three times in one day!
I used Joomla 1.5 and I would only add the following instructions to those like me, who sometimes don't see the obvious!
1. Install the plug in, like a normal plugin.
2. Go to the Plug in and within the HTML area for code - put THERE what text or images you want to have as a pop up (or popin!).
3. Create an Article, put as the article "{popin}" - just {popin} not the quotes - publish the article to the page you want the popup to occur.
4. Ensure that the Article is published to a working module position.
5. Voila! It should work perfectly.
It works great for users. If you are developing it and rechecking and rechecking, it sometimes seems to lose count so to speak and I would reboot your computer if something isn't changing like you think it should.
Five stars otherwise, thanks.
- DK
ps. I bought the man a beer! I recommend you do so as well.
Reviews: 10
It works as advertised! No install problems at all, just install, enable, and place your html in the editor.

don't forget the {popin} tag in your article.
Reviews: 1
Briliantly simple and easy to adjust.
The best popup I've seen!
Reviews: 1
David have create the best pop up manager in joomla
work perfectly!
Reviews: 8
This little bot does a wonderful job with the popin window. It is very easy to install/setup and pasting in your html for the popin window is a no-brainer. It has parameters for the size, and position of the window, color of the header text and bar, and font size. So, a little tweaking is necessary to meke it look exactly how you want, but it is quite simple. A 5 minute job.

The only suggestion that I would like to see implemented would be a close link in the window. But, all around this is an excellent plugin!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is just what I was looking for to bring items to my users attention.

Used sensibly, it is not intrusive and the customisation options are great.

Highly recommended