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Modals - make links open in modal popups.

Modals will help you create modal popup windows.

Modals can create links and also convert any existing link in your website to a modal popup window link.

Modal popup windows are fancy popup boxes also known as Lightboxes.

Modals is packed with options to control the modal popups.
    ★ Full controll over styling (via some styling options and CSS)
    ★ Define dimentions and
    ★ Create image popups quickly and easily
    ★ And many more...

There are several ways Modals can covert links:
    ★ Via the special Modal tags {modal ...}...{/modal}
    ★ By class names (all links with defined class names)

(Modals was previously known as Modalizer)

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
Do NOT use below reviews to post support requests or issues.

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Reviews: 3
I have upgraded this plugin, but still couldn't make internal links to work on modal window.
Looked for this issue on NoNumbers Forum, discussed the problem with Peter, who took it on his hands and fixed it on my website.
Great Plugin - Awesome Support :D
Reviews: 3
You dont get to many Modules that work OUT of the Box on any Custom Website or in particular a Very customized Yoo Theme Configuration. Conflicts always arise with issues.

I was expecting this Mod to break something or cause the gallery Pop ups to fail - or - or - or Something!

This mod installed - Setup in Minutes - Tested without a single Issue! I love the Pop Links for Websites in my Sobi - Directory and for Terms and Conditions. Well done by the Developer!
Reviews: 1
I tried hundreds of extensions that didnt work as expected, and this one is surely THE extension. It's simple and functional and extremely easy to make a menu item open in a popup window.
Reviews: 7
This is a great extension.
It is very easy to handle.
I tried different extensions dealing with pop-up-windows and this one is by far the best and easiest.
Saves me tons of hours.
Simply great!
Thank you Peter!
Reviews: 1
The plug-in works like a charm. I tried in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and it works well in all 3.
Reviews: 5
It's a very good plugin, very useful and simple to use once you understand it.
The bad point is that to understand it there is a tiny documentation very limited. It was not enough for me to be able to use this plugin for my needs.
However the support is free and it is the best I have ever seen. Peter is there to help you quickly and efficiently
Owner's reply

In the Modalizer plugin all settings have tooltips explaining what they are for.
Also my site explains a lot about how to use it.
Any remaining questions I am happy to answer via my forum.

Reviews: 1
This is an excellent modul which offers all it promises and more, in a plug-in that installed straight-forward.

ps: I was a bit skeptical because the module has been submitted way back in 2008. But the package still worked like a charm.

Thanks Peter (my donation on it's way...)
Owner's reply

Yeah, Modalizer is old and battered. When I have the time I will make a completly new version.
The modal scripts used in Modalizer are old too of course (and most not written for newer browsers). So just use what still works.

Reviews: 3
I was testing this in all major browsers and apart from Chrome that opened the popups blank, no content it worked in all others to the point of perfection.

Tho, I'm afraid of using this on my site due to not getting it to work with Chrome, small as the chance is that the old ladies that are my customers aren't very likely to use Chrome.
Reviews: 11
Hi-Quality programming, top-notch performance. This extension made my website more interactive and fancy and I must thank the developer for such a work. So complex and smart. Thank you also for giving it to us for free.
Reviews: 3
There are a huge number of really good extensions written for Joomla. The difference between the really good and the excellent is what Peter has discovered and delivers, support. Not only do his components do what he says they will, more often then not with without any problems, when you do have problems his support is... simply the best I've ever experienced from any person or company I've ever dealt with. Long may he continue to give his time and expertise to the rest of the Joomla community.
Reviews: 1

I was looking for a way to insert layers to Joomla and hit upon Modalizer.

This is one of the best plugin I have come across and there is only one thing better than this, the support provided by Peter. He helped me out instantly and I was making this stupid mistake of not closing the entry using {/modal}.

Hat's off to Peter for such a wonderful plugin!!!

If you are looking for a beautiful layer implementation for your Joomla site. This is yoru final destination.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a way to provide trial downloads on my sales page without navigating away to a new page and this plugin provided me with the solution.

This plugin is simply awesome. Too good to be free :)

Many thanks..

Reviews: 3
The best plugin ever.
Owner's reply

I beg to differ :)

Reviews: 2
Took a while to understand that tags go straight into WYSIWYG editor ie {modal url=http//;}link{/modal}
but Peter explained it to on his forum and walked me through the steps. Works great! Thankyou Peter for a cool extension and generous support! Kudos.
Reviews: 12
Modalizer is a great product and Peter is a great developer have a few of his products on my sites and can't praise them enough. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.
Reviews: 22
Is there an alternative product with the same possibilities and the same quality. I could not find it in the past. This one is the solutions of my problems.
Reviews: 1
First of all, Thanks Peter for this awesome plugin! Very helpful and elegant solution for modals/lightbox/overlay

BUT if you are planning to use this plugin have in mind these tips:

- Internally, it uses MooTools and jQuery components, so maybe you can face conflicts with existing modules in your page. It took me a while to understand what was happening behind the scene (Firefox/Firebug can help you a lot with this)

- You need to be really focused in not missing any
classname for modals links

- Support is great! got feedback within hours!

- If you want to put a modal directly from a menu, this plugin works great with CustoMenu

- IMO, this plugin is not for newbies with a next-next-finish approach, you will need to read/dig the developers' forum to search a head away.
Owner's reply

All extensions that use javascript (libraries) are prone to conflicts with other scripts.

You say "You need to be really focused in not missing any classname for modals links"
Yes, if you choose the option to modalize links based on the classname... it is logical to have to make sure the links have that.
But you can also use the {modal} syntax or modalize all links with a target="_blank".

Reviews: 4
I spent hours today trying to find a way to handle popups in Joomla and finally came across this plugin. I was up and running within MINUTES of installing it. Thanks so much for a great tool!

Reviews: 9
Best Module EVER!!!! sed it with several gadgets using the modal tags. EXCELLENT! No Bugs, No Conflicts. Works inside any module position.
Owner's reply

"No conflicts"? Well, that may be true for you. But Modalizer uses a mootools script for most of the Modal types. And that can cause conflicts with other extensions that use their own mootools script.

You can turn the Modalizer mootools scripts off. That usually helps.

Reviews: 11
Yet another solid release from a very respected developer.

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