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Modals - make links open in modal popups.

Modals will help you create modal popup windows.

Modals can create links and also convert any existing link in your website to a modal popup window link.

Modal popup windows are fancy popup boxes also known as Lightboxes.

Modals is packed with options to control the modal popups.
    ★ Full controll over styling (via some styling options and CSS)
    ★ Define dimentions and
    ★ Create image popups quickly and easily
    ★ And many more...

There are several ways Modals can covert links:
    ★ Via the special Modal tags {modal ...}...{/modal}
    ★ By class names (all links with defined class names)

(Modals was previously known as Modalizer)

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NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
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Reviews: 1
First of all, Thanks Peter for this awesome plugin! Very helpful and elegant solution for modals/lightbox/overlay

BUT if you are planning to use this plugin have in mind these tips:

- Internally, it uses MooTools and jQuery components, so maybe you can face conflicts with existing modules in your page. It took me a while to understand what was happening behind the scene (Firefox/Firebug can help you a lot with this)

- You need to be really focused in not missing any
classname for modals links

- Support is great! got feedback within hours!

- If you want to put a modal directly from a menu, this plugin works great with CustoMenu

- IMO, this plugin is not for newbies with a next-next-finish approach, you will need to read/dig the developers' forum to search a head away.
Owner's reply

All extensions that use javascript (libraries) are prone to conflicts with other scripts.

You say "You need to be really focused in not missing any classname for modals links"
Yes, if you choose the option to modalize links based on the classname... it is logical to have to make sure the links have that.
But you can also use the {modal} syntax or modalize all links with a target="_blank".

Reviews: 4
I spent hours today trying to find a way to handle popups in Joomla and finally came across this plugin. I was up and running within MINUTES of installing it. Thanks so much for a great tool!

Reviews: 9
Best Module EVER!!!! sed it with several gadgets using the modal tags. EXCELLENT! No Bugs, No Conflicts. Works inside any module position.
Owner's reply

"No conflicts"? Well, that may be true for you. But Modalizer uses a mootools script for most of the Modal types. And that can cause conflicts with other extensions that use their own mootools script.

You can turn the Modalizer mootools scripts off. That usually helps.

Reviews: 11
Yet another solid release from a very respected developer.

Reviews: 7
With this plugin you can expand the possibilities of you template, components or whatever.

Just let you show the contents in a easy, practical and fast way!

Reviews: 4
I love this plug-in! It works great right out of the box, has all the options (and more) that you want and need. With a little imagination you can use this for anything.

Let's not forget about the dev support. I had a small issue that he helped out with quite quickly.

I have used other mods/plugs from this developer as well, and have always had a good result.

2 Thumbs Up!
Reviews: 3
I migrate from an unstructured web space to a CMS, and i fonud that most of my old pages were too big for the template wrapper space.

I tried several components and plugins until i found this one.

With Modalize i have found a way to show that big pages integrated at the Joomla enviroment.

Great work.

Thank you :)

Reviews: 1
Integrated the Modalizer into one of my forms. Code-snippet didn't do it, so just used the Modalizer class in between the a-tags.

Had a little conflict with JS and turned off the Mod-scripts - works perfect now, looks awesome!

Moreover a bunch of options and configuration settings - Thanks for this!
Reviews: 4
Works fine for my project. There were littledifficulties to understand the choosing of the templates. But this is just a very minor drawback. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
It has so many options! I think is the best from popup category here. Works great on IE 7, Firefox 2, and I just have problemas to close the window on IE6. But I'm solving this at the forum.
Thank you! Amazing work!
Reviews: 47
Its a Great Plugin. Awesome work. If you would like to open all your articles in a modal window, this is the best tool i've come across.
Owner's reply

Thanks. Off course, you can use it for more than just articles...

Reviews: 1
Almost gave up on the other Java pop-ups because they keeps conflicting with my custom template. Countless of valuable hours wasted trying to get to work but failed.

Suddenly came across this wonderful extension. I decided to try it. Downloaded it, installed it, put it in my articles and walla! a working Sqeezebox on my custom template! (almost cried of happiness)

Integration to the article is easy. put the syntax and you're done! Pop-up size were easily changed. Documentation also clear-cut.

If you need a pop-up, this is the one. Saves your valuable time.
Owner's reply

And if you still get mootools javascript conflict, you can turn the Modalizer scripts off. That usually helps.

Reviews: 1
Excellent little plugin. Brilliant support via the forum.

I needed a pop up to display a race results table that was too big for the normal template. Unfortunately my first attempt (using this plugin) there was no css, but a quick post on the forum and within the hour Mr Admin (Peter) had a quick hack for me.

Worked straight away.

Well done.

Owner's reply

Thanks Pete!
Feedback is the most important thing for me to make improvements!

Reviews: 1
If you don't want to fight with js conflicts with other non-joomla extensions then this is THE plugin you need! I fought for 3 days to get Lightwindow to work but had so many issues. Came across this plugin and Bam! 3 seconds later I had my lightbox...
Owner's reply

Great. There are some issues with some templates getting conflicts. And also IE8 is a bit dodgy. I am working on fixes...

Reviews: 1
Just thought I should write a few lines about this excellent plugin. I've been searching through the other extensions, but this is the only plugin which was suitable for the job - creating simple popups.

It's all done using the same popups Joomla uses for the backend (when you're doing admin stuff, such as choosing a link, or selecting a picture to insert into an article you're writing). When the user clicks on a link in an article, it pops up a box (bit like Lightbox), and displays the text from another article, or a URL you specify.

No complaints here...
Owner's reply

Thanks. I have dome complaints myself though :)
There are some known bugs regarding the pdf links. I'll fix those with next version, after my holidays...

Reviews: 5
Excellent mambot. just tested it for an week but it does what it promises
Owner's reply

As you can see, ModaLinks! has been made even more wonderful. Now it comes with MoodalBox support (a alternative for Modal, with captions).

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