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Jdialog Module

This is simple popup dialog module.
for exsample... The age certification.
Yes or No Dialog.

1,You can change title,and messages,wall color too.

2,You make setup to action
when visitor push yes button, or no button.

3,You can change triger of popup dialog.
case 1. for no regist user
case 2. cookie interval.
case 3. first access.

*** New version release! ***
2009/11/26 release

1.easy to custumize
2.agreement text area add.
3.agreement checkbox add.

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Reviews: 2
This is a great module that works well with Joomla 2.5.14. Using it allowed us to quickly and easily add an "agree to the terms" modal box. The lack of documentation might make it hard for Joomla beginners. Watch your cookies during troubleshooting. Use a good browser (like Firefox) that allows you to reset individual cookies.
Reviews: 2
This is a great way to implement a Disclaimer message for your page. Thanks to the developers.
Reviews: 4
Recently I was looking for this kind of mod to include on my site, I've been trying a few and I mostly get disappointed and one looked great but a way too complicated to setup. Then I saw jdialog in the extension list and I remember I used the 1.5 version on one of my old site. Nothing to say just set it up and it's ready to use! I'm wondering if in future the creator thinks he can let people choose to not display buttons and set a timer and display it on a specific page only? Otherwise thank you so much for this module! 5 stars
Reviews: 2
I love it, it just do exactly what i need it to do. I always need a waiver-type pop-up dialog for a certain sample/mock website i am developing to avoid certain legal issues regarding copyrights and such.
Reviews: 4
I'm giving this a "good" rating because a lot of users pre-2.5 say this works nice. However, Joomla 2.5 is doesn't work. I even hit X (resets cookie) and clicked run script. It displays an empty white box at bottom of the page, thats it... Also no support documentation. I could just be positioning it would (position) it IS set to display ONLY on home page.
Reviews: 2
In its Joomla 1.5 incarnation the jdialog extension is easy to use and does what it says although sometimes you need to widen the text box to get the text to fit. To get the extension to work with Joomla 1.6 and above requires a little more effort and whilst it works you need to be careful about content as it can have an adverse effect. I managed to get it to work by altering the xml file making it J1.6+ compatable and as there are no language files didn't have to worry about Joomla changes to them. That said the altered version is tempremental but works, it will be interesting to see if a new version is created that is fully J2.5 compatable. One other point I found was that although the documentation on the extension creators site says you can remove the link in the extension if you add another elsewhere don't try and remove it as it can make the extension stop working.
At the end of the day it is a free extension so a few minor bugs are expected.
Reviews: 4
I like this extension. I used it some time ago on a client's project. Very easy to setup and style. My client was quite please.

I have a question though. The latest version was updated here on JED in 2009. How come it is saying that it is 2.5 compatible?
Reviews: 1
I am using this module to force registration since many years. It is excellent, simple and flexible popup. Please try to make a commercial version without backlinks. I will be happy to buy few of them.
Reviews: 3
This extension was just what I needed to begin complying with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations ( PECR ) of the EU.

Now visitors can use a check box to signify their consent to receiving site cookies and continue onto the site. Or, they can reject and be forwarded to the privacy policy which will explain which cookies are used and for what reason.

I needed help from the developer and that was swift in coming. Altogether an elegant solution to what had seemed to be big problem...Highly recommended!
Reviews: 6
I was looking for an simple yes/no entrance for my site and searched days - thinking like "cant be, that nobody developed a simple function like that". I searched for words like "adult" and "+18" - then you get to the pro age check and the jommlaxtc age lock plugin - but both was not that, what i was looking for. This extension is good, simple and it works. I wrote a question to the support and they answered in 30 minutes. Just great!
Reviews: 4
I needed a quick module for terms and conditions, with not much fuss, and this one completely fit the bill!
I did have to modify a little for a good looking scroll area, which was easy to do in the CSS style sheet.
Thank you so much!
Reviews: 2
This module is an absolute treat to grab and use. Does more than what it says in description. After wasting my money and time on commercial "Age Check" modules, I stumbled upon this little gem and wohay! In just 10 minutes, I had fully customised it and had it up and running on site.

Just so you know, I needed something that warned users about the adult nature of content on the site upon first visit.

I needed something that would pop up if any page was directly accessed externally, e.g. google, an affiliate etc and allowed the visitor into the site.

I did not want any date of birth entries. Just a click was all I was after.

I wanted to be able to customise the cookie length.

This module lets you do all that.

I'll wait a few weeks and see how it affects search engine bots' visits to the site and will be back with an update.

But in the meantime, it's all thumbs up for the author!
Reviews: 3
I use this module to display terms and conditions of website usage to first-time users and ask for their agreement.

This module really provides a lot of capability. It can store a cookie that you specify expiration date. It has various formatting options. It lets you specify the links for the Enter or Exit buttons. You can have an optional user agreement text box. You can optionally have a control panel appear in the module position which is very useful during testing to erase the cookie, etc.

However, I had to hack the module because it tries to manage all the formatting for the pop-up window. I think many if not most will need to customize the output to their own needs. I would rather have the option of displaying an external HTML or Joomla article, instead of having this all in the module itself. Also, I think many people will need to have a log of users entering the website with their IP address.

All-in-all though, after trying all the other available extensions, this is the best for my purposes.
Reviews: 4
I'm happy with this extension, really work fine and it's eassy configure it.

I add it as one splash popup to encourage the respond to one survey and the numbers of people who respond it raised.

My only recommendation is you can give the chance to link the popup to one item or to other module.

Congratulations to the devolper. I thank this kind of extensions when are free !!
Reviews: 10
I am an incompetent NOOB when it comes to Joomla et al, and regardless of my inexperience I was able to install, publish and modify this module until it looked PERFECT.

Its just a matter of toying with the text and figuring out how it looks best.

It is very, very customizable! It is worth toying with to make it look professional.

I had no need to contact support for this module at all, for any reason.

I highly recommend this module.... I am very very pleased with it.
Reviews: 2
I don't understand why such small amount of reviews. This is a wonderful module. Needed a YES/NO verification module cookie controlled. This worked perfectly. I detected a small problem and sent an email to the developer about it. One hour after received a reply with a perfect functional updated version. Thanks and all the best!
Reviews: 10
I love this little mod which i find very useful to get the response from the visitor. You can redirect user to Different URLs based on User's response. Developer is really nice as well with excellent support. ...:)

It would be even nicer if we can use this mod to collect visitor's email ids etc :)

Execellent mod
Reviews: 2
I was looking desperately for an extension that did this exact thing -- not just a popup, but a requirement to enter a site. The extension is incredibly simple to setup, easy to configure, and easy to skin using the included stylesheet. It's got options for redirection, opening a second page based on saying "yes" or "no". I had a question, and the developer responded to me within a couple hours with an answer. Great extension!